Saturday, January 01, 2011

the firefly and the glow-worm

a firefly and a glow-worm met
on a dark and gloomy street
bodies glowing and tails afire
faced each other with heated ire.

spoke the firefly with fiery wrath,
"dare you walked on my holy path?
i am the guardian of the night
who sets wayward travelers aright."

the glow-worm answered, mouth afoul,
"how well you wear that impostor's shawl,
but i could tell the wrong from right
i'm the true watchman of the night."

lightning-fast, their blazing swords unsheathed,
they fought, the truth they'll know in death,
but in the midst of their rumble wild
they saw this crying little child.

at once their anger they forgot
each one hied to the little tot,
"oh, dear, i'm lost and i can't see,
this darkness hides my home from me."

the firefly spoke in honeyed words
"child, be calm, in this i'm lord. 
i'll light your way, you'll be alright, 
for i'm the guardian of the night."

the child arose and walked t'ward home
but then he stumbled on the stones,
that from the firefly's golden light
have remained hidden, out-of-sight. 

the glow-worm laughing, full of glee,
said, "little child, come here to me.
my light will guide you on your way,
while walking home we'll even play."

the child arose and walked t'ward home
but then he stumbled on the stones,
that from the glow-worm's golden light
have remained hidden, out-of-sight.

the child cried loud and wailed with fright
he seems imprisoned in the night.
the firefly, silent, thought worriedly,
the glow-worm crawled in a quandary.

then, glow-worm smiled, and firefly too.
both said loudly, "now, we know.
oh, child, we'll surely take you home,
you'll not stumble on a stone."

the Child arose and walked t'ward home
he'll never stumble on the stones,
for now, the Glow-worm's golden light  
merged with the Firefly's and all was bright!"



Anonymous said...

thank for your poem on my blog, your text is very good !
I also wish you a wonderful and happy years to come !! :))


Christopher Dos Santos said...

Beautifully written and very creative. Thank you for this lovely story my brother Sito.

May all the little children be guided to their eternal home of unconditional love.

In Lak' esh, my brother Sito, love in a children's story...

sito saguid said...

thank you, my brothers, for these encouraging words. both of you are like the Firefly and the Glow-worm, although having different approaches to creativity still manage to share Light, Life, and Love through your wonderful blogs.