Sunday, June 10, 2012

parting with an old friend, ..goodbye dear guitar

just the early week of june, one of the bigger musical instrument stores here celebrated it's founding anniversary.  prices for all instruments on sale were slashed for as much as 50% off the regular price. upon knowing this, daughter and i immediately rushed to the place.  this is one opportunity we surely don't want to miss. 

it has been months now when she took a fancy towards learning to play the ukelele and she was really urging me to buy her one. when i visited the different stores, i found that a ukulele is almost priced as a regular guitar and some even are priced higher. i told my daughter i'd defer buying her one till i am able to afford a respectable piece. i don't want to gift her a so-so instrument.  it is not that often that she asks me for something and i'd like her to own a very good uke, one that she'd surely cherish and enjoy.

so there, the Infinite had answered my prayers thru this store's anniversary sale.  i was able to buy the ukelele i wanted for my daughter at 40% off the regular price. problem is, since i was able to save and thus has this extra money on me, i couldn't help but look at the other instruments.  my eyes just couldn't come off this beautiful, steel-stringed guitar lying just by itself by the corner of the store. i picked it up and wrapped it in my arms. i caressed its fretboard and smelled the fresh aroma of wood and paint and thinner and varnish.  just fresh from the guitar factory.  50% off!  i slid my thumb over the six glistening steel strings.  i heard the crisp sound vibrations of steel against the firmness of the flesh of my fingers as i plucked each string. hmmmm!! 

i closed my eyes. i saw my daughter's old guitar in my mind's eye.  i saw it's old body decorated with the graffiti written by her classmates one time she took it to school with her. i saw the colorful stick-on designs she had pasted on it.  i heard the old guitar's voice in my inner ears.  i saw the marks of my fingers and my daughter's fingers on its worn-out fretboard.  i saw the cracks in its seams.  it is a very dear friend. an old friend. and i recognized it is tired. it needs rest.  and this is the best time to retire her.

i hugged the new guitar and went to the cashier.  my daughter and i will have to establish new friendships now. with the ukelele and with the new guitar.  the old guitar, our dear friend will retire, but the music will still be there. 

the music is within us ....