Friday, August 11, 2017

a wee effort to fill up the gap ....

and if by now silent
i had become
it's not because the tongue's been tied or cut off
but it's because the Heart's engaged to listen
to Itself --
to its own murmurs
to its own whispers
to its own noise --
to sort from these inner verbiage
that which might be of use for all,
for brothers, sisters
mothers, fathers,
friends, enemies, lovers,
saints, sinners,
to find a song common
a tune familiar
a song to which the Heart can cling to
and never ever forget.

this Heart's still listening to Itself
still trying to find ... 


captron52 said...

Terrific verse I love it!

~bani said...

Wow I really love this! Speaks for my sentiments too! Sending love and light for this inner exploration.. :)

sito saguid said...

Dear bani,

i know you are well and fine in your corner of the Universe. though you have been silent for sometime now, like brother Chris and i, I believe you are still staying connected to our blogger family. looking forward to your blogging again. keep on with your art.

this leafdropper extends warmest regards to you and yours ....

sito saguid said...

Dear brother captron52

thank you for the visit. it has been long but be assured that this leafdropper had not missed on your postings about Life. they are honest and sincere and i am confident each reader will find his own nugget of wisdom from your words. keep on dear friend and if by chance you happen to communicate to brother Chris as well kindly extend this leafdropper's warmest regards..

May the Infinite always nurture us with is goodness and love ..

~bani said...

Thank you Sito. Hoping that fire to be rekindled soon to inspire me to blog again! :)

Christopher Dos Santos said...

Dearest brother Sito;

lovely sentiments you have expressed. Considering my own long silence, I can certainly relate to your, well crafted, poem. Yet, even in the absence of communication, the love I have for you extends itself across the ocean.

Of late, from the depth of my soul, the itch to again reach for a pen.

Loving thoughts, along with the warmest of wishes, I send to you and your family.

In Lak'ech dear brother Site; prosper with love... live with joy...

Christopher Dos Santos said...

Dear brother Sito;

I want to take this moment to wish you, as well your lovely family, all the very best for the New Year ahead. May you all hold love close to your heart, enjoy good health and prosper with all your endeavours.

I love you dear brother.

In Lak' ech, prosper with joy... live within the GodSelf...