Friday, October 22, 2010

this empty chair will not tell..

i took this shot after my wife left to get something from the kitchen i think. we were video chatting over the internet. i'm here at home. she was far away in another country. this is just the backrest of the chair she was sitting on.

this empty chair will not tell it but it has heard all of the big and small things we talked about. current plans, future plans, problems we are encountering, solutions to these -- just the usual family stuff.

what i was excited about were the experiences she is having in that foreign land. and i'm as grateful to the Infinite as her for giving her this wonderful time. she was able to see their famous landmarks, their tall skyscrapers, their shops. she had had her first brush with snowfall early on. she was not much impressed. now she is seeing fall. she told me about the leaves turning orange or fiery red, then falling. she told me how odd the trees look with just their branches shooting out to the heavens. i told her to take pictures of them. it's rare to see bare-branched trees here. and the temperature, she said it's starting to get cold. i'm glad she's knowing all of these first hand. as for me, i don't know if i'll ever be given the chance to see and feel all of these. if ever i'll be given the chance, my first mission is to get acquainted with my first snowflake. i'm pretty sure, unlike my wife, i'll be impressed.

well, a picture of an empty chair should not always be associated with loneliness. no. it's just in the mind. emptiness is loneliness? it's just how you view things. in fact, the Old Sages say that "to be full, one at first must be empty". even the great Burt Bacharach had said, "a chair is still a chair, even if there's no one sitting there".


this chair is empty, who cares?

this is a happy chair !


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margie said...

you make me cry..

sito saguid said...

thanks for visiting this blog. i read your poems and you're right you should be proud of your love sonnets for katie. thanks for inviting me as a follower and for promoting this blog as well.

thanks for the happy chair!

Mahon said...

thank for your visit on my blog, I found your text very good and I can only encourage you !
I will also follow you with pleasure ! :)
Bye Mahon**

sito saguid said...

dear mahon,
it was a wonderful experience visiting your blog. continue sharing with us these images we normally won't see ..

Through The Lens said...

Nice blog, very lovely :D

sito saguid said...

through the lens,
thanks for appreciating the blog. i envy you, you don't need words to communicate, your pictures tell a lot. keep on sharing your wonderful eye for beauty and life.

Anonymous said...

I feel your heart. I am happy for you have found a way to express your feelings. There are many who likes to write about their experiences in life, sorrows and happiness. Hence, it wasn't easy for them to write or open up their hearts due to fears of being criticized. But, is it really important to care what others think or guard what they might hear you say or see? Should we really care? Just like the chair. The chair must heard all the details of the conversation, but do we think the chair would care or will create an action for us about our plans? Could it be the person who feels and the person who experience should be the ones who must act and create the action to reach the goal of happiness she or he feels inside? The chair will be waiting to hear about the plans of the couple who might have finally found the true meaning of emptiness. As it is not the chair that might be empty. The chair serves as an instrument for us to see that a chair can move from one place to another. The chair can be moved to another area of the house as it may be needed for additional seating, but will remain hard and serves as a seat for us, but only our hearts and time can tell when is the right time for us to make the better choice. Just like the chair, is it a better choice to be empty or to experience love and happiness?

comment written while sleepy sorry

Sandie said...

What an absolutely lovely thought - how the chair has listened, but will not reveal a private conversation between you and your wife.

I like the way you've twisted what is, as you say, ordinarily viewed as a negative - an empty chair - into something warm and precious.

sito saguid said...

thanks sandie for the comment. you're so right. even an ordinary thing when viewed under a different light becomes warm and precious. thanks for the visit.