Thursday, January 06, 2011

starting this new year happy


january 2, 2011, morning. just got off from work. boarded a jeepney. the morning's chilly but sunlight is already starting to part the fleecy clouds overhead. but i thought they could also be smoke from the other night's merry-making, welcoming the new year with fireworks and firecrackers and noise.

i was sitting behind the driver. we are only 3 people in the jeepney. the other one is a fat lady, sitting opposite me, with a very big plastic basket. obviously, she's on her way to visit the market early. she's probably one of those people who do not want to brave the heavy traffic late in the day.

suddenly, the driver started singing. no, there was no radio or stereo or mp3 player in this jeep unlike most of the rest. i know he was singing to himself but it was loud enough for me and the lady to hear. his voice was not bad either. it was one of those lively filipino christmas  songs --" bagong taon ay magbagong buhay, ng lumigaya ang ating bayan ", which roughly translates to -- "here comes the new year, let's turn a new leaf, so that our country will be happy". it's probably one of those songs he picked up while attending some local new year's eve party or drinking joust. he still might have been caught in what others refer to as the "last song syndrome".

i smiled to the fat lady and she smiled back. we are both amused. the driver might have seen this silent exchange between us while looking at his rear view mirror because he explained himself to us.

"i'm sorry if i'm inconveniencing you both with my singing. it's just that i'm really happy this morning. i ended the year right and started the new year right. not one in my family got sick. i've got a lot of good runs last december that i was actually able to earn some good money."

"well, good for you!"  replied the fat lady, "i have had some good sales myself. lots of people ate at my food stall. that's why i have to do some marketing early so i can cook food. we have to do it while people still have christmas money left in their pockets. go on, please, you can actually sing!"

 "yes sir, if you feel like singing, we don't mind." i told him. he smiled at us. this time he just whistled a happy tune. i was singing inwardly myself. because i also ended the year right and started the year right. i have some few hundred pesos left saved in my bank account and i was able to save 2 newborn puppies from dying.

why does he need to apologize to us? he is just being happy. in fact, he is just being himself. i remembered what my Master often says-- "Man's lot is to be happy. Eternally joyful. this is the Creator Father's Grand Design for each of us."

lasting happiness is assured by knowing who we truly are.

lasting joy is knowing we are not separate from that Unbending, Unyielding True Love.


january 2, 2011. evening. on way back to work for my midnight shift. the jeepney is full of passengers. i got seated among a bunch of young people. i believe most of them know each other. they're a bit noisy. everyone still excited with the mirth of the parties and get-togethers they went to. they were exchanging stories, reliving the amusing events that happened.

as we were passing by a drugstore by the side of the street, suddenly, one of these young people, shrieked, "HEY MISTER GUARD!" he was shouting at the top of his voice at the security guard standing by a dark corner of the building, several meters from the doorway of the store, "HURRY UP! SOMEONE IS STEALING THE CHRISTMAS LIGHTS OF THE DRUGSTORE!"

the jeepney stopped and everyone craned his neck to see where he was pointing at. indeed, two boys were atop the store's roofing and were busily removing the christmas decorations and the lights. it was hard to see because the store's closed and the area was unlighted.

the guard pointed his flashlight at the roof and he saw them. immediately, the guard waved us off, he shouted back, "nope, no worry, they're the guys the owner hired to bring down the christmas decorations. they're not thieves!" the two boys atop the roof apparently realized what's going on and rained invectives at us.

"FOOLS!," one of the boys shouted, "mind your own business. next time, be sure of what you're saying." the other one appears to be preparing to throw something at the jeepney. the driver hurriedly drove off.

the young lad inside was red faced. he was too embarrassed at his mistake. there was this sliver of silence. then someone snickered and there! the whole jeepney was bursting with laughter. well, i did not control myself. i joined in in this funny moment. the driver was scratching his head and shaking it at the same time.

"why did you do it?" one of his friends asked.
"i don't know. i just thought they were thieves and i wanted to help." he explained.
"good for you the guard did not shoot them right away." his friend commented with mocked concern.

the whole jeepney burst out in laughter again.
then i realized, wait, this last one does not sound funny at all ...


Christopher Dos Santos said...

Namaste my brother Sito. Happily passes another day in your life of experience. I think your demeanor most often reflects happiness. You mentor must be very pleased with such an attentive student.

In Lak' ech, my brother Sito, learning to be happy...

sito saguid said...

thank you for finding the time to visit, brother. i will be eternally grateful to my Master for showing me how "Simple Living, High Thinking" can lead to a joyous life.