Tuesday, January 25, 2011

i can hear vasudeva

during these past days i got preoccupied with rereading  my favorite books. one of these is siddharta by that great author, hermann hesse. it tells of one man's journey through Life and how he found Peace, and Joy, and Fulfillment. as i was reading it i recalled one of the poems, inspired by this book, that i was blessed enough to write:

i can hear vasudeva call
calling sweetly you and me 
money and fame's not everything 
i can hear vasudeva sing.  

i can see vasudeva dance
knowing that nothing's happening by chance
every life's been destined to be
that's what vasudeva said to me.

i can see vasudeva smile
inviting us to listen for awhile
listen to the River flow
and try to escape this world of woe. 

River straightens, River bends,
ever flowing, never ends,
River's waters turn to foam,
become clouds in Heaven's home; 

become tears, become rain,
become River once again,
soothing waters make us whole,
let us hear vasudeva call. 

let us hear vasudeva call
Life is One, Life is All
Peace is not in diversity
Peace Profound is in Unity. 

know this River, this River called Life,
know Its joys, know Its strife,
find Its Reason, find Its Meaning,
let us hear vasudeva singing.  

when i wrote this, the thought paramount in my mind is -- there has to be a way through Life other than the usual route of  being born, growing up, amassing material wealth, becoming famous, building a family of one's own, and then, dying. 

i was blessed enough to have been connected to persons with the same questions i had. and we searched for answers. and we found this other route -- 

every one of us is Divine. 

and the other route through Life is to recognize this Divinity in us and nurture it to full flowering.

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