Thursday, September 20, 2012

" a driver's prayer "

it was a rainy night on my way to work just last week. i managed to sit behind the bus driver.  he was in great spirits and he was humming a song to himself even if the radio was on.  the raindrops kept on pounding on the windshield and the windshield wiper was so busy clearing the water away.  the wet, cemented highway was glistening ahead. a black snake with a white stripe running in its middle.  at times, its skin gets spotted with the glint of the white and yellow and red flashes of the other vehicles' headlights and tail lights. very distracting.

our bus weaved in and out of lanes.  there were lots of other vehicles but the driver does not seem to mind. he was a master weaver. i know he's doing this because he was feeling he was in a competition. he wants to beat the other buses in picking up passengers.  yes, there were several times he came dangerously close to two cars and another bus trying to overtake him, yet, he just smiled when he heard the angry tooting of their horns.  he actually tooted back.

above his head, pasted on the rear view mirror, was this poster --

a driver's prayer

grant me, o Lord,
a steady hand, a watchful eye,
and a strong foot,
that no one shall be hurt as i pass by ..

the poster does not acknowledge who wrote this prayer so i have surmised that this was written by that "great" writer, Anonymous!  well, i have to give it to Anonymous.  he or she or they had made our driver so confident.  yet, i know a prayer does not a safe trip guarantee. nor, a steady hand, a watchful eye, and a strong foot.  it is often said -- " an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure " -- this is also true with driving.  one diminishes the chance of an accident or a disaster from happening by not courting it in the first place.  and yet, on the other hand, i know also that it's been said and has been proven that those who take great risks are also those who meet great successes.

so, i guess, i cannot fault mr. driver.  his "weaving" in and out of traffic is a debatable issue. whether good or bad..  for those who were hurrying to get to where they were going his risk taking was an advantage. for those who were concerned with arriving in one piece, his driving was a cause of worry.

during my rest period at work i thought of the matter again. i realized in this great highway we call Life we are all drivers too.  we are all in a journey.  

many times this highway will allow us smooth driving. the sun is up.  or, the moon is up, the way well lighted. the day or the night is excellent.  the road is clear of obstructions, every other fellow driver is in the correct lane,  all traffic rules are in place. and we just sit back and relax and enjoy the soothing breeze as it caresses us.  

now, there will be times, as well, when this highway will be like a glistening, slippery,  black snake with a white stripe running its middle, and splotches of yellow and white and red marks on its scaly skin, that will distract us as we navigate its great length.  the ride will be bumpy, scary, dangerous even.  we have to be aware of everything. most especially of fellow drivers.  we are all trying to get to something, to somewhere. and we all hope to arrive where we aspire to be. there will be zooming in and zooming out of lanes.  there will be weaving everywhere.  some will be master weavers, most will be mediocre ones.  

well, we just need to be confident with our own skills.  it will not hurt to recite the driver's prayer above but i suggest that we pay extra attention to Anonymous' last line --

that no one shall be hurt as i pass by ..

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

a september to remember for always .. 9/11

this was when scenes which we have concocted only in our movie minds became horrible reality ..
this was when the lust for power and  allegiance for blind faith caused so much grief and so much suffering and so much hatred ..
this was when the best in men and the beast in men came to the fore,
(depending on which side you are on ...)

may i  repost this little poem i wrote during those times --

two towers, two faiths,
each one seeking dominance --

thus, innocents died.

much had happened since then and retributions have been made.  they say these had restored the balance of things. but, can we be truly sure?

again, this is a reminder from one of my favorite singers and poets ..


we are men. we are sentient beings. life is not just to be lived.  

life must be earned.  

life must be learned.