Sunday, December 23, 2012

dwelling in silence .. existing ... being ....

i am having intermittent internet service these past weeks and i am not able to visit the web much as i want to.  i was therefore given the opportunity to "dwell in silence".  far from the pleasures the web affords, i had time to dwell on myself more.  sitting in silence, i was able to introspect. to meditate. to focus on communing with the inner me.

 i sought the inner pleasure of finding more about my real self,  the one that is intangible, that will outlast the ravages of Time; whose voice will not become hoarse as it sings praises to the One; whose fingers will not become numb and arthritic as they glide over the fretboard of the mystic guitar; whose ear will not tire listening to the sound of Silence; whose eye will not lose sight of the Radiance of the Source.

i found affirmation to pursue this Life that was given me. to use the remaining time of this existence to know more the real Self.

i will be like the snail i met on the road one night while walking towards the jeepney stop.  i will be courageous with Life as that snail is. purposeful. determined to run the course. to cross Life's road.  the snail is risking all to cross that road that night.  i will not be surprised if the following morning it got crushed by the vehicles plying that road.  to those hurrying night drivers, the snail might have been something just like an unmoving stone.

i will be also like that solitary, browned leaf on the tree beside that road, which fell from its branch that night as well.  it rode the gentle wind and submissively fell to the ground to meet its shadow.  it followed its Life's course.  it completed its journey.

i will continue to dwell in silence.  to exist, and then to Be ...