Monday, November 29, 2010

my greed, my envy

there is no problem now. every one can heave a sigh of huge relief. every one can sleep well now and not force oneself dreaming of numbers. the soothsayers and and the crystal gazers will once again be wanting of customers. i heard during the past weeks they have had a lot of business from people asking for their opinion or vision of the future, the grand lotto draw future. well, a good number of them have been proven now to be as blind to the future as everybody else.

except one.

it's been won. the huge lotto prize. the Gods had smiled on only one and he is 741 million pesos richer now. he's got a huge reason now to be very happy and also a huge reason to be inconvenient. they say if you're not familiar with handling BIG money that could be a problem ... as our favorite comics hero the Spiderman's Uncle Ben often says, "with great power comes great responsibility".

i have to be honest. i am green with envy. and initially my greed dictated me to be angry at the Gods for not having smiled at me. at the gentle winds of fortune for not being behind my back.

i am composed now. how can i feel unhappy over something which i don't possess. i know it is my ego that is hurting since the Infinite, the Great Creator, found someone else more worthy than me over this fortune.

as i have said, the Infinite is the Giver and Taker of freedoms. and It knows how to dispense this as Its Infinite Mercy permits.

may the chosen one be responsible enough and caring enough to share his bountiful harvest. it was given to him or her for a reason, and may that reason be found.

as for me, it is my duty now to do some extra work to replenish the 3 days of lunch allowance i lost.

the Infinite had spoken, the lotto is not my way to meeting my first snowflake.


Christopher Dos Santos said...

Sitting at the dinner table, I often ask my son questions about choice. Being 20 years old and approaching a time in his life where fundamental decisions are made. I find great value in using this game of choice to gauge his demeanor. Last night I asked him what would he choose. Infinite wealth living in ignorance or infinite knowledge living in poverty. He chose knowledge as that is what his ego values most.

We never know what our path will render. But we can always choose love and acceptance. When I see people struggle with wealth I naturally see a soul trying to express it's GodSelf reality. My first reaction is to point out the positive aspects of poverty. Your soul ( GodSelf ) is choosing poverty so that you are not distracted from finding your GodSelf reality. this is good my brother, very good indeed. Instead of being distracted by wealth you are forced to look within. I see this in your writing. I also see your ego distracting you with visions of success.
The trappings of status waiting at your feet. Illusions of grandeur which blacken your heart. Want, need, respect, adoration, esteem are vehicles your ego uses to lock you in his world.

A roof, food and love is all your GodSelf will require of you.

Your world is a most beautiful place my brother, it is a home love can grow in.

If you persist in wishing for material wealth then possibly you are meant to be distracted. Somehow I very much doubt this is your path. However let me aid you in fulfilling your desires.

You are the Creator. Thoughts, feelings and emotions are creating your inability to possess wealth.
Why do I fail to become financially comfortable?

1./ Thinking of need and lack expresses to the universe need and lack. As you are creator, this is what universe gives you. It will always give you what you feel in your heart is yours to have.

2./ Development of perception. We each identify with ego. Ego illustrates for us an idea of who and what we are. If we grow up in an environment of poverty, we learn to coordinate our reality to meet this field of energy. Essentially, we teach our hearts what is reality. As we go through school we judge our success and failure to dictate what our expected lot in life will be. We see this future to be probable so we end up manifesting the thoughts feelings and emotions of lack. Our life become a self fulfilling prophecy. Not bad if you are in control, a nightmare if you are not.

Christopher Dos Santos said...

Part 2

3./ Not deserving to have wealth. Many people feel in their heart they are not deserving of wealth. They feel they have not earned it. Never studied enough, was never good enough.

4./ Often money symbolically represents love. We feel we do not deserve love therefore we convert those feelings into a manifest alternative like money. It may surprise you that I suffer from this connection of love and money. Shortly after being born, my father ended up in prison and my mother attempted to commit suicide by cutting her wrists. I spent the rest of my childhood as a foster child being moved to many different homes until at the age of five I settled in with one family.

4./ Not your soul path. As hard as it may be to comprehend, many souls visit this plane so that they may experience starvation, mutilation and death. Many as well are hear to experience poverty. If this is the destiny of your soul then this is what you will experience.


1./ There is only one solution. Look into your heart and ask yourself what of the aforementioned points best represent your current state of affairs.

2./ Focus your thoughts, feelings, and emotions so that you express to the universe your inherent right to wealth. Instill, in your heart, the fact you are God and demand of the universe material wealth. Spend time thinking, feeling and being rich.

3./ Use your (many times an hour) imagination often to imagine wealth. I don't mean thinking of how much you deserve wealth. Just think of already being wealthy. The native American Indians do rain dances. The way they call rain is by simply expressing the thoughts, feelings and emotions of rain. They imagine the rain running down their cheeks. They envision the cool dampness in the air. They imagine the sound of rain hitting the ground. Continually they " become " rain, until finally the universe offers rain. You have this power to change the messages your heart sends the universe. Imagine driving your new car, walking through your new home. Imagine your gardens, sitting at tea with guests. See in your heart friends, family proud of your success. The more you create in your heart this world, the more you will discover reality will match your visions.

**** Most important things not to think of;

1./ I am poor.
2./ I am not deserving.
3./ I want to be rich.
4./ Never express want or need unless you want the universe to continue giving you WANT and NEED.
5./ I can't connect closer to my GodSelf.
6./ Money is bad or wrong.
7./ It is not right to be filthy rich.
8./ I don't like rich people.
9./ This will never work.
10./ When will this work?

Remember it is not what you become as much as what you perceive you have become that is important.

All of this spiritual truth I use hourly as a tool to come closer to love and oneness. I find love to be the only expression I desire. The same path I use to find love you can use to find money. Which do you want to find? Which do you desire to offer your daughter?

I will help you find either. there is no right or wrong choice. All choice is valid, all choice eventually leads to love.

In Lak' esh, my brother, the coin flips in the air choose...

sito saguid said...

brother, i will never be able to express in words what these comments effected in my inner being. you have helped me much in defining my path. only Love, only True Love remains. thank you so much for sharing your wisdom. as Jacob Boehme had expressed it " i seek only for the Heart of God, therein to hide from the tempestous storms of the devil .."

Christopher Dos Santos said...

With love we change our reality. Your darkness is my darkness, my light is your light...We are one. We are both seekers, wisdom is our elixer.

In Lak' esh, brother Sito, love ripples in the still ocean....