Saturday, November 27, 2010

the gods did not look my way, even if a friend crossed his fingers

nobody won. not the guy with only 1 lotto ticket. not me with 8 tickets. not that old, rich gentleman with 125 tickets. not even that group of friends who pooled their money to buy thousands of tickets hoping to win this big one and divide the money among themselves. it is now 705 million pesos. what a huge fortune this will be!!

admittedly, a lot of people will be losing sleep over this. that guy with the 1 ticket will surely be wringing his hair trying to find a way to spare another 20 pesos for another ticket. another chance. as for me, i'm still thinking about it. i've already lost 2 days of lunch money. well, that old, rich gentleman and that group of friends might already be lined up at the lotto ticket booth.

what a huge fortune this is !!

oh, if there's only a sure way by which I can convince the Gods to look my way. to petition the gentle wind to be at my back. to keep all of my fingers crossed until they hurt.

i passed by the lotto outlet near my place and this early the line is already long. today is Sunday here. generally this day is reserved for a family get-together after a tough week of work or study. this is usually bonding time. families look up to this day to visit the local church to say thanks to the Almighty and to petition for more blessings. i'm pretty sure a lot of prayers today will mention lotto number combinations. the Infinite will be very busy today looking at numbers. i'm guessing a lot of family get-togethers will be postponed today. budget for these will surely go to lotto tickets. well, no one can be blamed. just one lucky number combination will insure family get-togethers even every day!

what a huge fortune this will be!

i heard even students now sacrifice their daily allowances just to be able to buy lotto tickets. now, this one's bad. this one hurts. and if they lose, where will they get the money to replenish their allowance? will they skip class? will they borrow money from their classmates or friends? will they pawn whatever thing of value they own? will they lie to their parents when asked why they ran short of money?

705 million pesos. what a huge sum of money.

tomorrow, monday, is another lotto draw. i still have time to think. to decide. maybe another 1 day of lunch money can be sacrificed ...

problem is, if nobody wins again ......


Anonymous said...

héhé !
I wish you great fortune !
An text very well written, as always ! :))


sito saguid said...

thank you for this my friend.