Thursday, November 04, 2010

the hazy moon

it was just a couple of days after the latest typhoon had passed, i was walking toward where i usually get my ride for work. it was about 9:30 pm. i happened to look upwards to the sky. i was surprised to see this full yellow disc up there. the moon. it had been a long time since i gazed at her. and a full moon at that. well, she's not that bright this time. she was hazy. still, she stirred emotions within me. you might call it dramatic, poetic, aesthetic, or even romantic, but the full moon never fails to rouse the inner self. hers is a far different light from the sun where of course she gets her light from. she is, we might say, a borrower of light. but, the thing is, this borrowed light becomes transformed, becomes her own.

i realized it was not her actually that lost her brilliance. it was the clouds that gave her that hazy aura. the storm clouds were still up there. lingering. the moon without these clouds will still be the same brilliant moon. suddenly, one of the teachings my Master said came to mind -- that we as individuals have been blessed with our own inner lights. each of us has our own individual spark of the Great Infinite, and it is our duty to nurture this wonderful glow and let it shine forth in our every act, every minute, every second, of our life so that other individuals will be benefited also and will be inspired to do the same.

this is brotherhood. the sharing of Light, of Life, of Love.

now, unlike the moon, we are not borrowers of light. we are all part of the Great Light. and, unlike the moon, which does not create the clouds that diminish her glow, we are the ones that create our own storm clouds through the hurtful acts, the negative acts that we do, towards fellow beings, towards Mother Nature. these hurtful, irresponsible acts pile up, one of top of another like those thick, storm clouds, and obscure our inner lights.

and so, how to resolve this? well, the Master taught, be responsible for every deed, every act. be conscious if actions will be hurtful or not. go inside yourself. know your inner being. connect with that Great Spark within you. realize that this is just One Life, One Love, One Light.

of course this will take great effort. but, if i remember right, it was the character, don Juan, in one of the books Carlos Castaneda wrote, who said, "Freedom is expensive but it's price is not impossible."

i gazed at the moon again. she is still hazy, but, judging from the way the storm clouds are dispersing away from her, i am positive the wind above is slowly picking up momentum to sweep them away so the moon can be viewed in all her soothing glory.

i can't wait. i don't want to be late for work.

the moon is a borrower of light. we are not.


Christopher Dos Santos said...

Namaste my brother Sito. I loved this blog. As usual your heart speaks of love, oneness and truth. On thing however caught my attention. You refer to Don Juan as a character of Carlos Castaneda. This is not correct in any way shape or form.

Don Juan was a spiritual master from the Yaqui Indian tribe. He was masterful beyond any other person I have ever been exposed to. His ability to access the Akashic files of infinite knowledge within is legendary. The phenomenal description of ego as " fliers " is without any doubt the best work I have ever read on ego.

Ego is an extremely difficult subject to research. Most of the literature is based on Freudian or Jungian nonsense.

I have read all the work on Don Juan I could find, still I wanted so much more. My wife and I have spent hours discussing his work.

One thing we agree on is that Carlos Castaneda did a horrific job of determining which questions to ask the master. We both feel, that given the opportunity to spend so much time under his tutelage, we could have created a world masterpiece from the lips of Don Juan.

Instead, we are left thirsty for his knowledge. A great example is that prior to his time spent covering the ego. Don Juan instructed Carlos, this subject is of highest importance.

Now if the master tells you this, don't you think that over the next three years you should have delved deeper into ego than the initial conversation illuminated.

It is what it is, the diamond cannot be reformed. The fact remains Carlos Castaneda was ill equipped spiritually to handle such an important role is the way it was meant to be. With that said; the books which I now cherish as jewels in my home library were the fruits of Carlos's dedication, accuracy and will to discover.

To his credit, his background in science allowed him to do a fine job of transmitting the thoughts, feelings and emotions of a modern day master.

One other thing to consider about the moon. We open our eyes and see the stars, moon and universe. We believe that all this creation is out there, separate from self. Nothing is out there, all manifest reality exists from within. This is why masters tell us to look within for answers.

In Lak' esh, my brother, may the real Don Juan stand up please...

sito saguid said...

brother, thank you for pointing out this terrible flaw in this blog. i stand corrected. don juan matus is not a "character" carlos castaneda has created. forgive me if there was this ambiguity in the use of this word. when i used the word "character" the purpose is to point to a specific personality from among the different individuals or people he mentioned in his books. there is no intent in any way to diminish the stature of this great spiritual Master.