Thursday, September 30, 2010

old rain remembered

i was walking homeward today when suddenly the sky turned gray and rains started to fall. i've no umbrella with me so my first impulse was to run. the raindrops were small at the onset but in a couple of seconds they started to fall heavily. i had to go for cover under one of the nearest trees along the way.

i held out my hands and caught the raindrops. they burst as they hit the palms of my hands and the water slid between my fingers. i could hear them as they fell on the leaves of the tree. it was a jazzy, rhythmic beat that only the rain can do. although i have sought cover under the tree i know i can't prevent myself from being drenched. but i loved the feel of the cold raindrops on my skin. it brings back memories.

well, it was different during those times when i was just a boy. we enjoyed so simple things then. like the rain. we looked forward to the rainy days. i and my other playmates. it was a good time to cavort carefree under the skies, under the rain. running half-naked, chasing each other, swishing the water on the puddles. then scampering in all directions as unannounced thunder breaks the jazzy beat of the raindrops. the grasses along the sides of the roads are rejoicing too. time to rejuvenate themselves. time to repopulate the patch of earth left untouched by the asphalt lay.

simple life. easy life then. who would ever think that there'll come a time such as this when children would rather lock themselves up in their rooms playing video games or virtual life games rather than go outdoors to experience the gentle warmth of the sunbeams, or the soothing coolness of the moonshine, or the friendly touch of the raindrops?

perhaps there are still children who are in touch with the old ways. perhaps the children in the remote parts of the world or the third world areas still do. but the numbers are dwindling. technology is making sure of that. technology is slowly confining us to as small a space as possible. technology is building a cocoon for us. you won't need the outdoors to fly a kite! you don't need to spend bonding time with your dad or your big brother or your best friend to make the kite, test the wind, and struggle with the strings as it keeps on getting caught in the wayward branches of trees. YOU ONLY NEED A CHAIR AND A SMALL BOX FILLED WITH TECHNOLOGY!

the rain had subsided. i am drenched but i am happy. i still have the outdoors in me!

i ran to the nearest puddle and kicked the muddy water towards a clump of grasses nearby. i thought i heard them laugh at me.

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