Monday, September 27, 2010

computer errors & life's glitzes

i was staring for so long now at the computer screen. my fingers are poised over the keyboard, hovering, alert for the promptings of the mind to type. but my muse seems unconcerned today. nothing is coming out. no ideas are pouring. i told myself. don't force it. if you don't have anything of worth to share today then so be it. try to relax. gather your wits. inhale slowly. exhale. let the mind settle. let it flow leisurely in its meanderings. let it allow itself to select whatever it decides to dwell on. and so i did ....

well, i told myself, since i have nothing to write today let me just surf the internet. there are probably new things i'll be able to discover. and so i did. surf the web. i didn't have any particular site to go to so i just clicked on the links on the webpage that flashed on the screen. so randomly i clicked. page after page after page flashed on the screen. sometimes a picture will attract my attention. sometimes a portion of a text. but nothing ever caught my fancy that prompted me to stay and read on. kept on clicking. link after link after link. then all of a sudden a small window popped up on the screen -- " do you really want to delete all of the items on this page?" -- i was roused from my aimless browsing. i reread the warning and promptly clicked the CANCEL button. the pop up window disappeared. in a jiffy, there it was, my cue. i recognized it immediately. that's a great topic to write about ... computer errors, life's glitzes.

if only Life is like that weblink that i clicked on that will prompt you first to confirm your intended act before it executes it then i am sure that there'd be lots of suffering that will be prevented. but sadly, Life is not like that. it will not display a confirmation pop up question, even if it will result to a fatal mistake. Life is like water. it seeks its own level. it allows every one to do as one pleases. and then lets time to pass. it is not as fast as a computer program that returns results immediately. it lets time to pass. until one has forgotten what one did and then suddenly gets jolted when Life returns the fruits or results of one's actions.

"think twice." that admonition probably was a result of one wise person's recognition of the fact that Life is just that -- a great, free flowing river that does not mind what are the things that are on its course. that may hinder its course. it may be a twig or a boulder. Life does not mind. if it can't go over it, then it will try to go under it, or go around it, or if not, just keep on pushing against the obstruction and to let time obliterate it. Life just rolls along, flowing freely. without impediments. once a person had done an act, he must be prepared for the consequences of that act. Life will not offer a cancel button. Life will execute the deed.

now, because we are mostly careless and impatient, we just do, or as that famous ad says. "just do it!" and so most of the time, we suffer. now as a consolation, what's great about suffering is that it is a teacher. it is a bestower of knowledge. of wisdom. if we allow it to be! in due time, suffering will be able to develop or create in each of us our own unique virus detection programs, our own spyware or malware removal programs, so that we can at least be protected from committing the same mistakes or glitzes again as this great river called Life runs its course.

funny, but as i see it now, Life gives us Suffering to protect us from Life.

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