Friday, October 01, 2010

the hidden picture

i accompanied my daughter one time in a park. she was there to shoot some pictures to comply with her photography class assignment. i watched her do her work. a budding photojournalist? well, whatever she chooses to do in life, i advised her that the best formula for success as i found out is to love what you are doing. not just like it, but love it!

we walked along the park. stopping from time to time so she can take pictures. -- the silhouette of a building against the cotton clouds of the grayish sky, a man sleeping soundly in one of the cement benches unmindful that anytime soon it might rain, a passing horse-driven pink colored cart, the balloon vendor so alone in a corner of the park ... i must say i am convinced she loves what she does. i just hope she keeps this love even after graduating from college. i hope this is not just a passing fancy.

" Dad," she said, "if ever you want to take a shot yourself just tell me."

as we passed the portion of the park where there were lots of trees i stopped. "Hand me that camera!" i asked her. she passed it to me and i took a shot.

"But that picture you took were just a clump of trees, Dad!" she protested.

"i didn't photograph the trees," i explained, " i shot the letter A."

she looked at the picture again and smiled. "You're silly, Dad!"

i'm not.

i just love what i do. i just did it in this park.

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