Wednesday, May 04, 2011

obama, osama

obama, osama. almost sounding alike. almost spelled alike. yet, there is a world of a difference between the letters b and s.

obama is of course barack obama, the 44th and current president of united states of america, the first african american to hold that office, and probably one of the most well-liked persons in the world, a great many americans also had thought him to be something like a messiah who will lead the country out of its dire economic situation. osama is of course osama bin laden, the world's most wanted terrorist and probably it's most hated man. the man who perpetrated that horrible 9/11 terrorist attack, a very depressing note in the world's history.  he got  killed in a special operation just recently.

of course, this is all relative. the recognition depends upon which side of the fence one is on.

obama, osama.
yin, yang.

it was said, one cannot exist without the other. the positive and the negative need both to be there to keep the balance. yin and yang are equal and opposite qualities. the imbalance between these create new unfoldings,  will trigger activities that will hope to restore the balance.

the death of osama will result to an imbalance. the scale has been tipped. this death will surely result to a transformation. yin and yang transform each other. if this is an advance, there should be a corresponding retreat. if this death will sprout a seed, then this seed will soon grow until the plant reaches its full potential and restores the balance.

the 9/11 event sprouted a seed and it is hoped that the death of the man who planted that seed is the mark that the plant that grew from that seed will soon reach its full potential, its full flowering,  its fruition, and restore the balance.

osama's death has also planted another seed. another plant will sprout. the cycle begins again  ..


Christopher Dos Santos said...

Namaste my brother Sito. I know you do not follow alternate media. You may want to follow the news headlines from or some such site.

Here are a few items, most researchers are sure of.

1./ Governments do not control countries; International Corporate Bankers do.
2./ N.A.T.O. is an evil group facilitating the emergence of a "New World Order" (elite global control)
3./ 9/11 was not done by a foreign militant group called Al Qaeda
4./ Al Qaeda was first formed with the cooperation, training and funding of the CIA.
5./ Osama was trained in military guerrilla warfare tactics in America, by American forces.
6./ The Bush and the Bin Laden families have had close financial ties in the oil industry for over three decades.
7./ When the incident happened ex president Bush senior was having lunch in New York with Osama Bin Laden's father three kilometers from ground zero.
8./ All reports indicate that Osama Bin Laden died in 2003 and that this entire charade is fabricated by the U.S. government to justify retaliation for the next wave of attacks on US soil.
9./ The next attack will be another creation of the CIA and will justify the next major move western banking powers will use to solidify the creation of the U.N. armed forces.
10./ Obama is without doubt an evil corrupt puppet to the bankster puppet masters which pull his strings.
11./ Bush, Osama and Obama have one thing in common. They all work for the same taskmasters.

If you wish to see beyond the illusion of democracy Sito; check out the many free videos in the "Unveiling Darkness" section of my site. Pick a subject, 911 if you wish, and get the truth for a change. Anything you see on TV, read in the newspapers, or hear on radio, is fabricated to program your mind with a false reality.

In Lak' ech, brother Sito, see beyond the lies...

sito saguid said...

thank you for these revealing notes brother. it is really disheartening to find out how groups of people will do all things, by all means, just so they can perpetrate their lust for power even if such acts are deleterious and hurtful. when power is partnered with deceit, then expect mayhem and all manner of negativities. we just hope that these power trippers will one day awake to the fact that power is not the be-all and end-all of existence..