Sunday, May 01, 2011

newspaper hurting

what with the news that had hugged the headlines lately-- those devastating tornadoes that hit the u.s., the japan tsunami, filipinos executed in china, the unrest in the middle east --i can't help but leaf back to one of my old poetry notebooks. i remembered having scribbled something there about events that bring pain and inconveniences and uncertainties.

august 28, 1994

alien pains these are,
unrecognized, unremembered,
to things past
without connections.

and so, the hurting is strange
what is its source?
where is its source?

how come tears fall
when the moment should not call
for tears to flow?
i am just reading news
done it before!
how come tears fall?
or, does it, this reading moment,
it calls for tears, now?

the sheets spread wide
the news, not uncommon now:

a child's rape,
a beheading,
Africa's skeleton people
slowly dying,
and princess diana photographed
in leotards revealing.

most times, i dread to look at news. most times now, they hurt.

the royal wedding, the show of opulence, somehow has distracted from the negative news.

i feel, we need fairytales to forget. even for just a couple of hours.


Christopher Dos Santos said...

Namaste my brother, very nice poem. Thank you for sharing a little more of your past. It can be very rewarding to go back into our thoughts from so long ago.

In Lak' ech, knowing the pain of unity consciousness....

sito saguid said...

brother thanks for the visit. i really surprises me that somehow events unfolding do recall thoughts and feelings of things past, you are right again -- unity consciousness ..