Sunday, May 08, 2011

mosely pacquiao, who else?

yes, he did it again. another win. another glorious feather in the cap of our great champion, manny "pacman" pacquiao. his dominance of his opponent made the fight a little bit on the hohum side.

pardon the pun, but, mosely pacquiao wins.

they say his secret is his passion for this sport he embraced. it never wanes. every time a fight is arranged for him, right at the first minute of his training his warrior heart, mind, and soul gets focused. he becomes one-pointed for a win. he discards every distraction especially doubt and fear.

in short, he becomes what he has chosen to be, a warrior.

during the fight, he performs his duty to the best of his abilities. he is a warrior so he gives his opponents war.

the Old Sages say in our quest for our True Selves one-pointedness is a must.  if we want to know who we truly are, we have to wholeheartedly go on the path of self-knowledge. we must not waver. like manny, we must leave every distraction by the wayside.

especially doubt and fear.

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