Monday, May 16, 2011

the ant dream

i always dream
i am an ant
and wish that i could be
for seeing it leads a simple life
it seems fulfilled and free.

then one day, i met a man
who said, "your wish is my command,
for i can turn you into anything
with just a wave of this mighty wand!"

now, at last, my wish was heard
i am Ant, no more a man,
combing the corners of the earth
for bits of food whenever i can.

one day i saw a dead spider
lying on the track
yet seeing its awesome heaviness
i was reluctant to carry it on my back,

but then, i heard the powerful voice
of the Queen Ant on the hill,
"you, lazy fool!
 you carry that food back here!"

now, i dream
i am a Man
and wish that i could be
for now i know that big or small
we have heavy loads to carry.


Christopher Dos Santos said...

Namaste my brother Sito; the loads we bear may be carried joyfully with love or grudgingly with disdain. We learn much from the man who chooses to toil quietly with love in his heart.

In Lak' ech, brother Sito, no burden exists love cannot bear...

margie said...

fabulous.. keep on dreamin' my love

bani said...

heh.. quite simply you've expressed each person's wishes of being something else..
but i agree with christopher, i think at the end of the day we got accept what we are, not sulk and yet make an effort to be in harmony with the nature!
i'd like to quote lyrics of a really simple and cute song that says a thousand things one would like to hear! =)

"The flower said
I wish i was a tree
The tree said
I wish i could be
A different kind of tree
The cat wished that it was a bee
The turtle wished that it could fly
Really high into the sky
Over rooftops and then dive
Deep into the sea

And in the sea there is a fish
A fish that has a secret wish
A wish to be a big cactus
With a pink flower on it
And in the sea there is a fish
A fish that has a secret wish
A wish to be a big cactus
With a pink flower on it

And the flower
Would be its offering
Of love to the desert
And the desert
So dry and lonely
That the creatures all
Appreciate the effort

And the rattlesnake said
I wish i had hands so
I could hug you like a man
And then the cactus said
Don't you understand
My skin is covered
With sharp spikes
That'll stab you
Like a thousand knives
A hug would be nice
But hug my flower
With your eyes"

~happiness always

sito saguid said...

as always dear brother christopher, the great equalizer is love.

margie, i don't know if i remember well but there is this line from a song in one of Disney's animated hits -- " a dream is a wish a heart makes ... "

bani, thanks for the visit and this wonderful song you shared, it really says a lot. and yes, in the end, we must surrender as to how we are, and as dear brother christopher had said " to toll quietly with love in his heart."