Sunday, January 22, 2017

under the mango tree the poet

under the mango tree the poet sat
determined to be inspired to write
to say something;
outside the shade
five boys there are
mirthful at their play they are;
not too high up a bough
the mango fruit hangs confidently
it's dark green and though robust and plump
it's still not half a fist;
the boys found rocks
upwards they hurled them towards the mango fruit
but they're poor marksmen
the rocks just kissed thin leaves and brown branches;
the mango fruit just laughed inwardly
the boys got tired and cursed their fate
under their breaths;
under the mango tree the poet sat
and wrote ---
O mango fruit, time will come when you will be
fist-sized and golden and ready
and will fall towards the earth 
as is ordained
the boys might not be here nor I
to witness this unfolding
but, Time will come.

by the Rules, we all must abide,
the Universe is perfect by Itself.


Christopher Dos Santos said...

Dearest brother Sito;

how your words have a penchant for lifting my spirit. To sit under the mango tree with my brother would be a dream fulfilled. Thank you for sharing your infinite wisdom, beautiful prose, lovely heart.

Blessed I am to have your presence in my life.

The words seem hard to pen of late. The spirit wills the pen to yank my quiet mind from its reverie, yet the body fails to respond. Time enough has been given to appreciate the respite, revel in solitude, allowing the river flow without need to comment upon its pace or beauty.

Slowly, I am being called to action. Brain fodder oozing out of the ears, begging release. Yes, dear brother, it must be time to speak of love, to pen an appraisal of life divine.

In Lak' ech brother Sito, prosper from quiet solitude... live as a leaf upon the stream...

sito saguid said...

Dearest brother
As they say, Absence makes the heart grow fonder, -- please know you have been greatly missed and yet I know also there will be times in our lives when we need to be in solitude, in Silence, to savor the warm embrace of the Infinite, to curl contentedly in its Divine Bosom ...
this leafdropper is immensely glad you are back and will soon write again and share your wisdom on Love, Light, Life
it will indeed be joy to sit beside you brother under the mango tree and enjoy the Silence while Life unfolds ....