Sunday, January 01, 2017

they say it takes a poet

it has been so long since the last time I was able to post a blog entry.   

it really comes.  this seemingly dry spell, or rather, this lazy, uninspired period.  I cannot deny it. yes, the mind is able to meander and so many thoughts and feelings had marched in succession.  

indeed! a parade of insights and realizations that were wanting to be put into words and somehow be shared.  but sadly, the mind could not will the pen to write, to leave curlicues of words, to smear the white, blank sheet of paper and fill it up with ideas, hopefully to communicate, to reach somebody, to attempt to be at one in spirit ...

and happily, the mind again is able to will the fingers to hop excitedly over the letters of the keyboard, ten blithe, bony tap dancers forming words, phrases, sentences.  birthing the germs of thought in the mind, giving them form and body that others may see them and have the chance to think about them as well, perhaps to disagree or agree, to contradict or acquiesce, but, above all to be able to share in what the mind experienced and realized.

this was a very old poem i wrote that i feel somehow expresses the idea how there are times we are afraid to share an experience, an insight, a realization ----

they say it takes a poet
to see such beauty from a stone
although the sea has polished off
it's barren face
it casts no reflection of the Sun;

they say it takes a poet
to hear sweet music from a brook
as it squirms and circles round
while it flows
and wrinkles like a pauper's cloak;

the thing is we are all poets
but this we do ignore
for we are all afraid to see
that we are a wrinkled brook
and we have our own unpolished stones.


captron52 said...

Great to see you again my friend. I love the poem! So true. Happy New year to you and yours

sito saguid said...

A prosperous new year to you and yours, dear friend captron52. thanks for the visit. it has been so many days and I have truly missed friends such as you and bani and brother chris.

keep on sharing your wisdom and positivity. i am sure all of us will find our own paths with a heart.

~bani said...

Wonderful poetry! would love to hear more often. this is also a great inspiration. I have almost stopped writing myself. Nevertheless a very happy new year to you and your family!

sito saguid said...

thanks for the visit, bani! well, there are times when we get so preoccupied with things, but, writing is a great outlet for mind stuff that needs to be let out much more share with others who might pick up a nugget or two of what we have experienced in this path called Life ...

Christopher Dos Santos said...

Namaste dear brother Sito;

such a pleasure to stop by your blog site to imbibe the soft delicate prose. Like yourself, I have been trapped in writing limbo, unable or otherwise uninfluenced, to take the digital pen to screen.

Looking to create a post on love, I am slowly recapturing the flavour of this stew as I dice a few ingredients to toss about in the pan. Then, with joy, I spied your newly minted blog post drawing me hither.

Thank you for sharing your lovely poetry dear brother, like a perfect glass of wine, a treat to savour slowly, with gratitude.

Wishing you and family the very best for the year ahead. May love, like the break of a golden dawn, filter and dance about your lives.

In Lak' ech, prosper with love... live seeking knowledge...

sito saguid said...

Dear brother

You have been greatly missed. It's so good to know that you and your family are well and fine and it is just a momentary hiatus for you from writing. It really happens, dear brother, that at times we need to be immersed in stillness, in silence.
Looking forward to seeing your erudite posts again .. Haha, I am already smelling that wondrous scent of that stew you're cooking up ...

Likewise, best wishes for you and your family ..