Wednesday, July 15, 2015

when silence dwells

i thought when i got back to posting last April it will be continuing. i thought wrong. something happened which consumed much of my time and i needed to prioritize. i lost my job and i had to concentrate on getting one the soonest i can.  so i harnessed my energies and focused on landing a job.  i must admit i have not much material especially monetary savings to fall back on.

with the Infinite's grace i was able to get hired again.  the job's not as well paying as my previous one but it should see me and my family through. if one lives Life as simply as one can, one does need so much of Life's accoutrements. if one tries to do an honest inventory of the things that makes him or her    really joyful, one will find these are the things that do not cost so much. and the Joy is even more pure and more lasting.  in his famous book, The Little Prince, Antoine de Sainte Exupery reminded us, What is essential is invisible to the naked eye.

so i was able to land this job. still i cannot go back to blogging. i have to spare much time to learn the rudiments of this new job so that i can perform it to the best of my abilities.  no matter how small a job or a task is, one must give one's best.  to be able to give our best, we must know how to do things the right way.

since my mind focused on learning the new job, it cannot meander and much as i tried to, i simply cannot find anything to write about.  Silence dwelt in my mind.

i am glad today that i am able to write this post.  somehow, the mind was able to meander now. i am getting familiarized with my new job. things are easier and i am getting more relaxed.

analyzing now those times when i was silent, i realize there were two kinds of Silence I got confronted with. one is the Silence where the mind finds emptiness and inactivity, where somehow it is not connecting to anything. the other one is that Silence where the mind finds stillness. this Silence assures the mind that it is still connected, that there is still vibrant activity, that all is well in the universe, that the Infinite still Is.

now, i know what to do. when my mind dwells in silence again and finds emptiness, i will let it surrender and relax and trust that soon the Infinite will fill the void. 

Silence will still dwell but the mind will not be empty.

it will be still.  and it will find the Infinite and its soundless activity.


~bani said...

Thank you for remembering and reminding Sito! i shall post right away and dedicate to dear friends like you who might never meet but remain a very important mode of communication!

Thank you for your latest leafdrops, i like the header too! =) Much like you i have also been preoccupied with what they say career and life. Your understanding of silence is also complementary to mine. I must admit that there would be a time when i was surrounded by silence of Emptiness but now i think i swinging to and fro with moments of stillness and yet fighting my soul to reach that order to 'peace of mind'. Easier said than done! =)

Love and Light. hoping to lots more

sito saguid said...

Dear bani

Thanks for the visit. I am glad you liked the new look.
I make it a point now whenever empty silence comes to think of the Sunshine, the Air we breathe, the dew on leaves and flowers in the early morn, and the soft kiss of a mother to her sleeping infant,
the emptiness subsides and i am reminded of the Infinite's grace and soundless activity ....

Christopher Dos Santos said...

Namaste brother Sito; this is such a great pleasure to immerse myself in your presence anew. I will not lament the change in work, as we both know, it is exactly what you are meant to experience. Confidence assures me, you, and your family, will always be rewarded with all which you might require.

Silence dwells in our mind, for some, as they fight inner fear, this can represent a tragedy. For you dear brother, I see reflections upon your true center. Nothing less than this do I expect from you. Solitude, confidence, self assurance, this is the natural path of a learned man. In the event your updated biography be missed, I wish to draw your attention on the revisions made to the "about the author" section of your journal.

Often is the case Sito we fail to divulge to our brethren our true feelings. Often, we hide from love, or covet it as if it were in short supply. This, as you know, is not who I am. May my sentiments empower you, bring light to your world, offer comfort in knowing I have your financial back. I am your brother. I doubt it be the case. However, if by chance you should ever find yourself in need, please, never hesitate to reach for my assistance. As you know brother, I am not a man of great wealth, yet, if a few thousand dollars need find their way to your account, such a task is very easily remedied.

Now that I find myself with the time to write dear brother, I look forward to renewing our literary friendship. May peace abound in your world, may love fill the cracks of each brick in your home.

In Lak' ech, brother Sito, prosper with love... live with joy...

sito saguid said...

Brother Beloved

I am sorry for this late reply. I cannot express in words the elation your comments have elicited in my heart. When I started this blog I never thought I will find a more kindred soul much less a brother. But I did and I cannot thank much the great Infinite for this. Although there is a great physical distance between us this will not in any prevent us coming together especially in our celebration of our literary friendship.

Let me assure you peace abounds in my world and love always fills the cracks in my home. I cannot say I am not in need, but, I and my family have always learned to live simply. We will live within our means. May you and yours be always in Peace Profound.