Thursday, August 23, 2012

has cupid ran out of arrows?

on my way back home from work, a couple of days ago, on the bus ride, i managed to get a seat behind four people. three were female and the fourth was male. he obviously was gay.  to me he even appeared more girlish than the others. i guessed they were in their middle twenties. there were only a handful of us passengers on this early morning bus ride and although these young people were a bit rowdy and noisy, the rest of us did not mind. 

i knew they just came from a late night party since i can overhear them recalling the events of that time. at one point in their conversation the word "reunion" popped up and i surmised it was a reunion party they came from.  i could not force myself not to listen to them since they were conversing very loudly and animatedly.  i tried to close my eyes to grab some sleep but i can't. well, their talk was mostly about what had happened to them and their classmates after graduating from school.  i heard names mentioned of classmates who are now doing well and leading rich lives. of those who were fortunate to leave the country and was able to settle successfully in foreign lands. also, of those who were able to go abroad but unfortunately found worst.  i heard a name or two of those who died young.  the four of them, i heard they were all settled with nice-paying, steady jobs and they are satisfied with the way their lives are going, except for one thing --

all four of them had not found a steady partner!

alternately, i heard their summarized love stories.  all experienced great beginnings, then the relationships started to sputter and eventually fail.  all of four of them blamed their partners for the demise of love. most of the failed relationships pointed the reason to be that their partners did not manage to sustain the energy of the great starts.  they never blamed themselves.  well, i told myself silently, i am just hearing one side of the story.  it could be the other way around. of the four of them, it was the gay male that appeared more devastated.  he kept on sobbing at one point and one of girls hugged him. he might be coming from just a recent love breakdown again ...

they all got off the bus and i finally was able to grab a thirty-minute sleep before the bus reached my stop.

at home, i immediately rummaged through my poems cause i remembered something i wrote way back when i myself wondered if ever i shall find love ..

the poem went like so ---

heart knows when time is ripe for loving
for it shall pulsate with all its vibrant energies
it shall summon the kisses of butterflies on flowers
and sing the songs of countless love-starved bees;

it shall borrow the golden glow
of the moon and the stars at night
and seek to wear the sun's silver cloak
glistening, glittering, full-bright;

heart patiently awaits for cupid's arrow to pierce it straight
for time is now, its palpitations so dictate
it must be done, it must not be late,

before the songs die
before the night the lights slowly suffocate! 

at home i sat and thought. there is this other Love which the Masters and the Sages always enjoin us to rediscover.  this is the Love of the Creator for the created.  this is the Love that is all-enduring, all-encompassing, unending, unyielding, unconditional, unfettered, undiminishing. this is the Love that is not blind.  this is the Love that is True.  we already have this within us all.  it is just that in our pursuit of love in the level of this material plane of existence, we forgot.

we are in an ever changing world. on this earth plane everything is not constant.  we need to let Cupid pierce our hearts with his arrow of True Love.  for,

only True Love will remain.


Bani Malhotra said...

Oh my... this is such a telepathy... i was thinking about the same stuff. i wonder why love has lost its meaning lately...or may be people have become blind. I loved reading this... =)
~life is a maze and love is a riddle.

Christopher Dos Santos said...

Namaste brother Sito, very beautiful post. What do we know of love as children? There is so very much to learn on the subject.

For decades I have sought to define love. Now, as my hair grays, I think love is close but alas, there is so very much to learn.

To love one person or even a few comes easy to most of us. However, to love the totality of existence is yet another story.

Can we honestly say we know of love if have yet discover the path to unconditional love?

If I fail to love all manifest reality, then have I truly loved?

In Lak'ech, dear brother Sito, prosper in love live in knowing truth....

sito saguid said...

dear bani,.

thanks for the reference to telepathy but i do think that, with all that's been happening all around us all over the globe, especially the negativities, like what happened just recently where somebody in a part of USA just started randomly shooting people and killing them, a good many of us are really thinking about LOVE now and what happened to it. i do think a lot of us are again reanalyzing and reviewing relationships and where True Love lies ... thanks for the visit.

sito saguid said...

brother chris,

up to this time your two questions on your comment in this post prompted to sit in silence and ponder for my own answers --

" Can we honestly say we know of love if have yet discover the path to unconditional love?

If I fail to love all manifest reality, then have I truly loved? "

-- it is difficult to love unconditionally, i must admit for myself, i always expect something in return, yet i remember one of the things an old Sage, Ramana Maharishi, if i remember right, --

" whatsoever you do, do without egotism " ...

i believe this will be my key.

thank you for posing these questions.