Wednesday, September 12, 2012

a september to remember for always .. 9/11

this was when scenes which we have concocted only in our movie minds became horrible reality ..
this was when the lust for power and  allegiance for blind faith caused so much grief and so much suffering and so much hatred ..
this was when the best in men and the beast in men came to the fore,
(depending on which side you are on ...)

may i  repost this little poem i wrote during those times --

two towers, two faiths,
each one seeking dominance --

thus, innocents died.

much had happened since then and retributions have been made.  they say these had restored the balance of things. but, can we be truly sure?

again, this is a reminder from one of my favorite singers and poets ..


we are men. we are sentient beings. life is not just to be lived.  

life must be earned.  

life must be learned.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful words my friend,
and a beautiful clip of a timeless legend...

as long as WE keep peace in our hearts,
it doesn't matter at all what THEY choose to do...

Have a great day...! :)


Christopher Dos Santos said...

Namaste brother Sito, this event will be remembered from so many different perspectives. Someday we may all understand what really happened.

In Lak'ech, prosper in truth live with discernment...

sito saguid said...

so true, brad!

the world's a very big stage! and there are so many actors. we have our roles to play. in our own litle ways we have to be peacekeepers. the choice is always ours.

sito saguid said...

brother chris,

i know you have already mentioned this in the past. this event can be seen under different lights. it is really nice to understand what really happened and yet again as brad has said it -- "as long as WE keep peace in our hearts,
it doesn't matter at all what THEY choose to do..."

the world's a very big treasure and there are really those whose burning desire is to own it ..