Monday, August 13, 2012

water ... everywhere

well, it's been said somewhere that we are, technically, water people, because a bigger percentage of our physical constitution consists of the water element.  even at the onset, when we are inside our mother's womb, we are practically, enveloped in water.  so, we must be comfortable with this element.

and yet, just this early week of august, we here in this beautiful country of ours, the philippines, had been tested by this very element, water.  unceasing rain for more than 10 days.  the weather bureau noted that the volume of water that fell for the first 3 days were actually what  is supposed to fall for the entire month of august! 

during these early days of august, the skies were perennially grey and downcast.  that glorious light, the sun, remained hidden, or, in hiding..  so rain fell. and the land got saturated with the water element.  the drainage system for most places failed and so large areas got flooded. some were ankle-deep, some waist-deep, and some were so flooded that only the roofs of houses were visible.  a great many of us were inconvenienced.  well, this is another grim reminder from the Infinite.  Mother Nature can express herself in so many ways and we must always be prepared. 

many families from the affected areas were evacuated.  of course, everyone rallied to help these families. in our own small ways, we helped. contributing small sums of money, offering prayers to the gods, donating used clothes, etc., many volunteered for actual service, augmenting the personnel resources of big foundations which spearheaded the drive to help these stricken people.  in  these times of need, the philippines produced lots of supermen and aquamen.  superheroes all which do not need superpowers.  just that firm and sincere resolve to help the countrymen.  they do not need their names to be bandied about or splashed across newspapers. they are the silent ones.  a warm smile, a comforting handshake, or a tight hug, is all they need to be recompensed. 

after this, when the sun is brightly shining once more, i'd be expecting lots of finger-pointing again.  concerned public officials and organizations will be passing/putting the blame on anybody else.  why did the drainage system fail again?  how did the roads got inundated once more?  how did landslides happen again?  why did people who are  supposed to have been relocated away from danger areas still were found to be inhabiting these prohibited zones?

during the summer months, people were regaled by the seemingly unrelenting "improvement work" in almost every street, in almost every location.  and yet, when the waters came falling down, almost every "improvement work" was found wanting.  this early week of august proved this -- "improvement works" did not improve anything.  people who have been entrusted for these kind of work should learn well from the silent supermen and aquamen i mentioned above.  work should be sincere and honest and effective.

water is a difficult element to master. we are part water.  our tears are water. 

our tears must not add to the water we now see, everywhere ...


Christopher Dos Santos said...

Namaste brother Sito, my thoughts and warm wishes go out to you, your family and community.

Tomorrow the sun will shine again.

In Lak'ech, prosper in dryness live with community....

sito saguid said...

thank you brother for your kind thoughts and warm wishes. we are a hardy lot of people. we are proud of our resiliency and we are steadfast in our belief that there is a Great Almighty that will bring warmth and cheer to us again despite the shortcomings of many individuals whom we entrusted leadership with ..

DarkStar888 said...

Hello Sito. Interesting post. Our physical body's appear to be composed of about 70-73% water. interesting that the EARTH is also mostly covered inabout 70+ % with water.

Symbolism for the # 7 is..

7 = Perfection and completion.

What is water? H2O.

Oxygen is 89% the weight of the water molecules. Therefore we are literally about 65% oxygen from a scientific point of view. Though the truth is, we are LIGHT BEING!

We’ve been manipulated into believing we’re merely our physical and emotional/spiritual body, responding to the stimulus of this 3 dimensional realm. Everything within this 3D space is divided light and therefore is energy.

Divided light is a rainbow. Everything physical is formed from this rainbow in some form or another. Everything, from the tiniest sub-atomic particle to the galaxies above, is made of bits of the rainbow. The rainbow canopy of light that surrounds our true awareness, has seduced us into accepting the illusion as the real deal.

All energy is divided light, and is visible in the form of atoms. Some will argue that not all energy is visible. However, all energy is visible, regardless of the frequency, when a proper visual aid or frequency responder is utilized. In many instances, different segments of society are able to see things with the naked eye, that others are unable to witness.

When awareness is seduced by a lying thought form, awareness focuses on the form, steps out of the moment and into this construct we call time and space. Energy is simply a THOUGHT that blocks out wisdom, and WISDOM IS the ABSENCE of ENERGY. It is this energy thought form, the ATOM, that is the seducer, conjured by the luciferian mindset.

Divided light, the rainbow, the atom, the physical 3D space, is a lie – deception – illusion. Our original awareness state has NO THOUGHT and therefore NO ENERGY. Wisdom is simply knowing through awareness. Our original eternal state has no 3 dimensional form, no colour, sound or shape.

Regards DS888

sito saguid said...

dear dark star,

thank you for this reminder. we really ought to see that we are not mere bodies alone. the real us is beyond these material vehicles that we have been given. the mass of us are caught in this body glorification. this is why such people like you must not tire in your work of enlightening us and showing the way, leading us to the correct frame of mind. the pull of the world of illusion is so very strong indeed and people like you must not relent in rousing us from this.