Sunday, February 19, 2012

in the silence

just could not blog so much these past days. still trying to get this body get over the inconveniences. further, i had to assist my daughter in  editing her thesis prior to printing. can't believe she's nearing graduation from college.  ah, time sure flies fast! she was just 5.13 pounds when her mom delivered her and look at her now,  a beautiful young lady enthusiastically finishing up her thesis on travel photography about my home province. ah, time! this is probably why henry david thoreau wrote -- " time is but the stream i go a-fishing in."

i came across an article in one of our broadsheets, the philippine daily star, about our philippine tarsier.  it is known to be one of the smallest primates  and definitely the one that has the largest eyes.  the report said that a group of scientists have just found out that this little one has the capability to communicate in ultrasound.  this means it can send and receive messages far beyond the hearing abilities of humans and animals. thus, this ability enables it to approach and capture its insect preys and also send out warnings to others of its kind about approaching predators.

this brings to mind that fact declaring effective communication does not necessarily need spoken or written word. lovers have this special ability. they just stare into each others eyes and communication is completed. an understanding of feelings is recognized. paintings, photographs, musical compositions, and other forms of art, including fashion shows, all these communicate to us not in the regular medium of language.  somehow, these tweak something in our inner beings and we feel, we recognize, that which the painter, the photographer, the composer, the clothes designer, wishes to convey. our inner eyes and our inner ears capture that which is being communicated.

the thing is,  for us to be able to fully understand the message, that which is being transmitted in silence, we must be fully receptive. much as the philippine tarsier transmits via ultrasound his warning signals to other tarsiers about approaching danger, we also must rise to the level of the painter, the photographer, the musician, the couturier, so that we can  comprehend the exact message. failure to rise to their level will result to over-interpretation or under-interpretation, and thus there will be miscommunication.

the Old Sages and the Masters teach that the Infinite communicates to us in silence.  we must endeavor to raise our consciousness to Its level.  and it is by going deep within ourselves that we will be able to achieve this. by stilling the mind, by rising above its distracting waves of thought, by being one-pointed.  to be deeply aware of the Infinite is to be Silent.  to be fully absorbed in Silence will allow us to Listen to the Infinite, and understand ...

in the Silence
i sought Your Smile
seeking softly 
that for awhile
You'd find me worthy
and reveal
that Inner Beauty
You conceal
from those whose hearts
remain impure
a single pain
could not endure
i'll wait dear Master
hard i'll try
to win forever 
Your Radiant Smile!


Bani Malhotra said...

So glad so see you back... loved reading this post...i shall say, it is my most favourite till now! =) and the poem surely does communicate your views on silence. I too like to embrace silence.. but sad that many people detest its power and ability to communicate. You have no idea how inspiring this post has been at the moment.. esp because presently i'm researching on autism and non verbal communication. [specifically through art] and one of the grave challenges is to convince people to work on communication with people not devoid of emotions but may be untrained! Indeed silence is eternal..
Thanks a lot!
take care! =)

sito saguid said...

yes, bani, i'm sure glad i am able to write again. i am happy this piece in a way helped you. you have a gift and you should use your art to help us also. you have the inner eye and inner ears to understand things we don't see and hear and it's great that you are able communicate these to us by ways of colors and forms and images. silent communication is very effective, you only need to make people become receptive and this involves not relying much on the outer eyes and ears. looking forward to your reports on your work with autism.