Thursday, February 23, 2012

starry night

just yesterday,  i was up early at 12:30 preparing to leave for my 4 am shift at work. i was done with my meal, done washing the dishes,  got dressed. suddenly, electric power went off and all around was pitch black.  i hurriedly looked for candles and lit two.  there was the familiar yellow glow of the candle lights, the flames flickering in slow motion as the cool, gentle breeze found the window.  i momentarily watched my shadow as it danced to the flickering lights. there was something poetic in the moment -- the blackness outside and the yellow light inside my house, the coolness of the air, and the sudden silence, well, the dogs stopped barking.  it was the cicadas unseen amid the branches and leaves of our avocado tree that gave that moment its peculiar song.

i had to leave.  i woke my daughter up and gave her instructions on what to do once power comes back.  i told her to always monitor the candles but i made sure that they'd be no cause for any fire even if they burn themselves off if the power interruption lasts long.

i went out to greet the darkness outside. the streetlamps were all off.  i stood outside our gate for a few seconds to familiarize my eyes with the blackness. no moon this time.  i did not bring any flashlight.  i walked gingerly.  occasionally, i turned on my mobile phone using its glow to see what might be in front of me.

i looked up.  the sky was very clear.  the stars! so many of them and the surrounding darkness made it easier for me to see those glittering sequins of this night's black robe.  as i was walking, i tried to play a guessing game by myself.  trying to figure out the configurations i see in the heavens and naming them as in the horoscopes or astrology columns i seldom read. 

that could be the big dipper, i said to myself, as i outlined its form, or maybe the small dipper?  what about there, could it be the bull?  i frantically searched for my astrological sign, the lion, but much as i tried hard to, i could not make out its form.  amazing! and these were what the ancient mariners and travelers used as guides as they went from place to place.  i told myself i'd research on these later.

the night was poetic. as i neared the stop where i'd be taking my ride for work, i stopped for a while and looked up again. 

i remembered vincent van gogh and his famous painting,  starry, starry night.  i could not help but whistle one of my favorite songwriter's, don mclean,  song tribute to vincent

it was a poetic night.


Bani Malhotra said...

*hums starry starry night...!* i love this song too..such simple yet powerful lyrics..
the lion must be roaring with happiness up there,in the sky.. i'm sure you'll spot it soon! ;)

Anonymous said...

I like the new design of your blog :) ... And your content and always interresant to read !
thank you friend ... :))

sito saguid said...

yes, bani, such powerful lyrics from don mclean. vincent van gogh wields so much power too with his paintings. haha, you're so right, i'm trying to review on astrology, i really need to see that sky lion.

sito saguid said...

dear friend mahon,

thanks for visiting. glad you liked the new design. i asked some help from my daughter.