Monday, January 02, 2012

not sad not old not month not day to us all!

not sad not old not month not day to us all!

i tried to send this message to several friends by text.  after a long while, one replied to me -- "you should have just said happy new year! i almost got a headache trying to decipher your text message."

"sorry," i texted back, "i was just trying to greet you a little differently this time.  i really meant to try to tweak your brain this time, just to help you recover from the holiday hangovers."

the other friends texted back also and they were equally amused or probably were irritated. well, the message achieved its purpose of being different.

 2012. another new year ahead of us. another new set of trying days. well, of course, all of us are hopeful, wistful, that the year will be different for us. everyone is wishing that this new year will not be difficult.  that this new year will be a happy one. 

happiness is mostly a state of mind. a state of well-being, or, being well.  a mind that is at peace with itself is a happy mind.

so, we must all endeavor to be well.  we all must work at this.
try not to be sick.  try not to be in situations where difficulties will beset us.  most times, out of our curiosity and eagerness, we are actually the ones "inviting" these difficulties.

let us try to live simply.
try to avoid doing things that are not necessary.  let us not crave.
things that will not contribute towards achieving a peaceful mind.and a healthy disposition are not necessary.

let us devote time this year to knowing more of our True Self.


Bani Malhotra said...

yes.. that's definitely one of the things i crave for.. - knowing myself more! ;)
happy new year to you too!

sito saguid said...

thanks again for visiting, bani. yes, this is what we need to do more -- spend time understanding our true selves. i always thought i know myself but when i sat down in silence i found out i am still a stranger to me. even the outer i am i hardly know of. this year, i'll devote more time to knowing my inner self more ... devote more time visiting my inner world.