Wednesday, December 21, 2011

unwrapping gifts

o, how the wheels of time had turned so fast! it is december again.  i remembered this was the time last year when i had to cope with chelsea and her newborn pups.  well, it was such an experience. a heartwarming experience.

being december, most of us are again so eager to celebrate christmas. to enjoy warmth and camaraderie with friends and family.  we will, of course, not forget, to continue the traditional practice of gift giving.  the sharing of whatever blessings we have received from the Infinite. this is, i think, our own approximation of the Infinite's great act of giving, when we were afforded the physical presence of Jesus the Christ so that His Light may benefit us all.

and so we give. and we are given.  in our own small ways, we try to share. often, it is material bounties that we give and receive.  now, if this is not possible, we share our presence: our love, our friendship, our companionship, our life, and our light. we all feel empowered and blessed by this feeling of oneness and communion with our fellows.

i remembered this scene in one of the christmas movies i saw.  the lead female character was surprised to see a very big gift box in her room. it was festooned with ribbons.  excitedly she opened the box. she found another smaller ribboned gift box inside.  she opened this smaller box and again she found an even smaller box inside.  she kept on doing this several times, the smile on her face revealing her increasing amusement.  finally, she arrived at the final box, and there she found a beautiful diamond engagement ring!  she was teary-eyed with immense joy.

recalling the words of the Old Sages and Masters, we should be like this lady.  we should not stop till we have fully unwrapped the true gift we have received from the Great Creator.  our "diamond ring", our True Self, is encased in elaborate gift wraps and ribbons and sheaths, and we have to painstakingly peel off these coverings, layer by layer, till we behold this True Gift.  we must not be distracted and keep on unwrapping.

when at last we have finally unsheathed the last of the coverings, then we will see,

and we will understand,

and our hearts will be exceedingly glad for always.


Bani Malhotra said...

Merry Christmas to you too! dropping in loadsa love, happiness and chocolates in your kitty! =)

sito saguid said...

merry christmas! we pray the coming year's going to be great for us all again. may you and your family always be in the Infinite's loving embrace.