Wednesday, December 07, 2011

the great debate

i was inside a jeepney again, on my way to work.  it was 2:30 am.  we were only about six people inside the jeepney excluding the driver.  the vehicle was gliding steadily.  the driver was making occasional stops on street corners hoping to pick up more passengers.  outside, the darkness of the night is bedecked with yellow and white bright spots from street lights and houselights left open by their sleeping occupants.  i imagined a fancy dress i saw in one of these glossy ladies' magazines, a long black gown with dots of shimmering sequins. the designer might have been riding a jeepney when he thought of creating that gown.

across me, on the opposite seat, were a father and his son.  the boy was about three or four years old.  his father had his right arm around the little one and the boy was comfortably cradled as the vehicle sped along.  they were conversing animatedly and i couldn't help but listen in.

"dad, i won't sleep," the boy declared in a little halting speech, "we are already near our house." he pointed his little forefinger outside towards where this gown-night's sequins were. yet, he was not pointing to any specific location outside, just to the passing silhouettes of houses.

"oh, but you should," his dad answered, "we're still a long way off and you need to sleep so you'll grow up fast, be tall and strong like me."  the dad playfully curled his left arm and a small knot of firm biceps  had formed.  the little one touched it but looked unimpressed.

"i don't want to sleep. i don't want to miss our house. mom's waiting. and you always fall asleep yourself!" the boy was insistent.

"no, we won't miss it this time.  i'll be awake, i promise." the father answered. he looked smilingly. he knew i was listening to their conversation.  i nodded and smiled back.

they kept at this near or far debate for some minutes. after a while, i saw the little one yawn and soon he was sleeping soundly.  his dad lifted up the boy's legs and set them comfortably on the empty seat.  the jeepney glided through the sequined night.  soon, as the boy foretold, dad was also dozing off.

i'll never know who won this "great" debate cause i got off the vehicle ahead of the two. based on my scoring both had each earned a point.  the father was right about their place being still far.  the little boy was right about his dad falling asleep.  the deciding factor will be whether they'll miss their house or not.

i've placed my bet on the little one, though.  he was so convincing when he reminded his father about his being a sleepyhead himself.  i can only imagine the things the little one will say to dad if he wakes up ahead of him and learns they've missed their place again!

it is things like this that make life amusing and funny.  oh, what wonderful creatures we all are!

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Bani Malhotra said...

very interesting! so much fun to observe others! ;) =)