Wednesday, November 18, 2015

9,125 days, the journey goes on ...

she greeted ahead of me. again. like most times in the past, she beat me to the punch.

" Darling Happy 25th Anniversary sorry I'm not there physically .. " she messaged me via Viber.

" just arrived. Happy Anniversary. " i vibered back.

if i have beaten her to the greeting i would have said, " Happy 9,125th Day! "  after consulting my calculator i was amused upon learning it's been these many days since that November 17, the day we were wed. Wow!!!

i realized though that no matter how you reckon it -- by seconds, minutes, hours, days, months, years -- a past momentous occasion or event elicits a certain unmistakable tug in our heartstrings, a rekindling of emotion. 

i felt again the joy of the wondrous moment. i know she did the same.

from that day, we initiated the journey as two hearts melded as one. tears, smiles, laughter, pains, joys, defeats, victories. these we shared.  our journey's still ongoing.  we were not always together each of these 9,125 days.  it is not necessary to be physically side-by-side.  it is difficult to do so.

what is important is to be always together in spirit.  to be connected inside.  heartstrings intertwined.  the Spirit of Love soars over vast physical distances.

It is an invisible bridge.

there is this songwriting contest here that i got tempted to join in.  it was a love song i entered.  no, I am not expecting to win but i just ventured boldly to submit my song.  the lyrics were in the vernacular, in Tagalog, as i found my native language more poetic, more expressive.  this is how i translated the words in English.  

reading these words again, i realized I must have written these for me and my wife, Margarita ---

a faint smile
a furtive glance
stirred Love's magic
in the breast

two hearts connected
as if  by chance
but, there is no denying
this is meant to be.

and now, the question is,
Is there really a Forever?
Is there really Unending Joy?

Oh, if Love
is Pure and True,
then the question has been answered

Now and Forever is but one,
Now and Forever is One ....

                             Happy 9,125 days to us!


Christopher Dos Santos said...

Namaste brother Sito; may I take this moment to tip my cap to your enduring love. May the God's bless you both with another 25 years of marital bliss. The poem was lovely, you have my vote.

In Lak' ech brother Sito, prosper with love... live with love...

sito saguid said...

Brother Chris

Thank you much. I sure hope we can continue onwards. My wish for my wife and I is most especially good health.

I agree. Let us all live with love ....

captron52 said...

I love it Sito! Great verse!

sito saguid said...

Thanks so much, friend captron52, for this visit. As the great poet, John Lennon, wrote, " Love is all we need .. "