Saturday, April 18, 2015

a gem of thought and the radiance of words

i have no doubt there were so many times in our lives when the Inner Man had spoken to us.  this Inner Self is our fountain of guidance concerning Right Living or Living Right. showing, pointing, the way, the direction, we need to follow in the path to happiness and peace.

from time to time, It flashes gems of thought in our minds. realizations that we know to be true and correct and useful especially for practical living.  we follow these and we are blessed.  joy is reaped, peace settles within us.  

there is then this inner urge to share this help with others, with our fellow beings.  there is this inner prodding to communicate these realizations.  herein most times lies the problem.  we know, we believe, we have a gem of a thought and that others will surely benefit.  the thing is we cannot find the right things to say or write.  we are hard put to find the words to make others feel or realize the inner truth the same way we did.  we struggle much in our desire to communicate.

i believe to resolve this we must look at the way the great poets and writers did.  they did not aspire to communicate directly.  they just used plain, simple words.  but, the trick is, they used imagery.  they realized our minds work best if it sees a clear picture of the idea.  the great poets and writers presented their inner realizations  in this manner.  they used words to create a picture in our mind's eye.  once the mind sees the image, the feeling follows, and communication is achieved.

the reader's mind sees what the writer's mind saw.  both small minds converge into the Universal Mind and the gem of thought is revealed.  the radiance of the words is seen in the Mind's eye, is felt, and is understood.

let me illustrate this.  i took this passage from the book, The Man Who Killed Deer.  the writer was Frank Waters, considered one of the greatest writers of the American West. this novel was published more than forty years ago and is accepted as the classic of Pueblo Indian Life.

    Frank Waters wrote --

          It is a deep truth and difficult to learn that the greatest deeds must be done by him
    who is content to remain unknown lest his action be impeded by too ready acclaim.
          Life is like the still surface of a deep blue lake into which a stone is cast.
    Who knows how far, on what shores the ripples spread?  But the stone, having been
    cast has done its work. Let it sink, unnoticed and forgotten, into the blue troubled
    depths.  Until one day when the turmoil has ceased men may gaze into the placid
    face of the water and see there, still bright and shining, the stone lying at the bottom 
    like a gleaming star . . .

a gem of a thought. words radiant.

the mind's eye sees,  the heart understands.



Anonymous said...

Oh Wow Sito...

you certainly found the words to explain just about EVERYTHING my friend...!

I myself feel like a bumbling fool with words...
that''s why I like to draw.... ;)

All the best Brother!


sito saguid said...

Dear Brother Brad

Thanks for the visit. This is the thing with those of us who aspire to write, most times in our excitement to get a realized truth across, we fumble with the words and the communication comes out inadequate.

I also believe that the Infinite has gifted each of us with the power to convey our inner realizations. We just need to discover what gift this is. If it is not writing, then it could be thru music, or dance, and in your case drawing or painting.

The important thing is to express what the Inner Eye saw and the Inner Ear heard, to capture the feeling and to help the recipient recreate this or relive this, to interpret this himself.

As I write this, I am trying to imagine here how you or Kiki will draw Frank Waters' placid lake and the gleaming stone at its bottom.

A picture paints a thousand words, Brother,