Wednesday, January 28, 2015

that Old Man walking in ...


jan 15 to 19. these were the days when he visited us, the Philippines, especially, Tacloban, those who were hit hardest, battered, devastated, lost family, belongings, and Hope, by that super typhoon Haiyan or Yolanda here.

he was an old man who walked in, but, it is said "the eyes are the windows of the soul", and his eyes betrayed him. he is timeless.

Divinity is ageless.

he is Pope Francisco or Pope Francis. he is head of the Roman Catholic faithful the world over. I am not here to discuss Office or Authority. I am here to tell what came to pass.

throngs of people lined up the streets he is to pass. multitudes gathered in the places he went to. braved the rains, the winds, the cold, the arduous wait of his arrival. just so to be included in the sweep of his Divine Eyes. just to be encompassed in the wave of his hands.

he brought Mercy, Compassion, Love, Hope, Light.  his smile gave warmth.  his Presence gave Inner Joy.  his Silence, Inner Peace.

i was not among the multitudes who were physically present at the places he went to. i just followed his sojourn here on television. watching him even on TV made me feel awfully blessed for reasons I know not what.  i can  only imagine what the.physically present ones felt when he was there with them. i am pretty sure each one received the gift due him or her.

they say Holy Persons do this.  make people trust in Divinity again.

i just hope we can sustain this blessed feeling even after his feet got off from Philippine soil when he enplaned back to Rome on jan 19.


Christopher Dos Santos said...

Namaste brother;

During the trying last few months your countrymen suffered untold tribulation at the behest of Mother Nature. It heartens me to imagine the value, joy and reassurance your brethren enjoyed during the Papal visit.

When feeling the need to cast aspersions upon his Holiness, or the Holy Catholic Order, it behoves us to remember the vehicle that steers us toward love can also be admired and appreciated in the absence of it's deficiencies.

Having propped up the beast with laurels. We must also remember, it has consumed the lives of many millions. The faith is old, compiled over millennia. Within the borders of their history is love and fear, no different than the soul of those who judge.

It is such a pleasure to have you back my brother.

In Lak' ech, brother, prosper with joy.... live beyond judgement.....

sito saguid said...


Mother Nature is a teacher and a bestower of wisdom. When one forgets, she reminds. It is just that at times Her act or reminding is rather painful and unacceptable. Why the Philippines?
Pope Francis' presence somehow triggered acceptance and reassurance that things happen for a reason which might not be discernible now ...
for the millions of Catholics and people outside this faith who have welcomed him , i have a strong feeling each were given the gift that is due him or her ..

Many thanks for visiting .. regards to the family ...