Monday, January 19, 2015

that new kid walking in

hmmm .... interesting! strange indeed even! my previous post was dated jan 6.  I noted there that encounter between the old man 2014 and this kid 2015. there was this " passing of the baton ", the transference of world events from old, tired, feeble hands to new, fresh, eager hands.
and then, that glance, the one-time eye contact, between the two. the old man's wishful stare said it all -- " do better than me, kid! "

now, here's the kid, his name's 2015, just a few days old, the date is jan 7, a day after i returned to blog, the whole world got stunned -- the Charlie Hebdo killings !!

is the kid starting on the wrong foot? 

this massacre has spawned negative feelings, hatred, to be more specific. hate is birthed from both sides -- those that condemn this violence by men against fellow men and those that justify this, reasoning that the killings has been provoked.

i will not dwell on the event details. the Internet got loads of information.

i am just curious. i hope the kid remembers the glance, that eye-contact, when the old man passed him by,

i hope the message is well understood ...


Christopher Dos Santos said...

Namaste brother;

Young upstarts learning tricks from old dogs who never got it right in the first place. Children in the audience, clapping with vigour; some praising the troupe, while others vilify all performances.

Up slides down, down jumps up, there is no real.... just a game..... a dream....

In Lak' ech, prosper with knowledge... live with joy....

sito saguid said...


Indeed, a dream! Life passes us by. Or, time passes by. This indeed is the Infinite's play. The stage is always replete with performances, the actors do their thing, and I watch, like others watch, and I comment and assess the.acts, like others comment and assess the acts
.... Watching is part of the performance .. Commenting and assessing are as well ..