Thursday, November 22, 2012

pieces of us

 i was on my way home from work. i chanced to drop by the supermarket to buy some fresh bean curd and vegetables from the mall's supermarket for the ensuing week.

i ascended the escalator and as i got off i noticed this small pink object at the escalator's landing.  it was the right half of a little girl's sandals.  i stopped to check if someone will be coming back to retrieve it.  minutes had passed and no one returned. i imagined the little one might have gotten tired and asked to be carried. that's when she dropped her right sandal and not any of her companions had noticed.  i imagined she might have looked back. she might have called the attention of her companions but they were so engrossed with their business at the mall. or, they might have thought that, well, it's just an old sandal and not worth looking for or retrieving. 

we are as this little one.  we leave pieces of ourselves behind. every day. every minute of our lives. we leave something behind. some are worth looking back at or returning for, some we'd like to discard and altogether forget. yet, we know these pieces are part of us and we cannot totally disengage.  most of these are in our deepest memories,  in our mind's eye.  most pieces of us that we'd like to discard are those that brought pain and inconveniences and failures. and yet, come to think of it, these pieces of us were the ones that brought the greatest lessons in life.  as we go on the journey towards self-discovery, towards what that great sage, don juan matus,  referred to as "totality of Self", we find pieces of our jigsaw puzzle self.  we'd like to think that some pieces do not fit, so we just let them go.

 yet, like this little girl"s sandals, without the right half, what will be the use of the left half?


we are, as we march through Life's journey, finding our true identity.  our true purpose.  our true selves.

we cannot deny some pieces of us that we find undesirable. we have to accept all we discover about ourselves,

so we can find our

true totality. 

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