Tuesday, November 13, 2012


when she disclosed that her boyfriend is going to barcelona for something like a few year's working stint there, immediately, our office mates, even i, teased her about it.  we reminded her how barcelona is in sunny spain.  home of beautiful spanish senoritas with fluttering eyelashes and long, shapely legs, and wavy, ebony tresses and slim hips that sway rhythmically along with the mesmerizing cadence of castanets. she  got teased that her boyfriend will definitely find a lovely senorita to replace her.

she took these teasing all in stride. smiling rather confidently. but in time, she became quiet and i believe the teasing has gotten into her.  who would not be?  between the philippines and barcelona is a vast physical distance, and several years of physical separation really will weigh a lot between lovers.

well, love is best when it is able to pass tests.

love must pass the test of constancy or inconstancy. lovers being apart in place and time will test the bond of love. the two hearts must be strong, must be constant, must not waver.  when one heart succumbs then love will fail.  love must have an anchor. love must have a nest. it must have a home to return to.

of course, lovers must anticipate weaknesses.  and indiscretions.  yet, if love is true and strong, heart should rebound and realize the mistake after falling to moments of forgetfulness.  it should remember, and cleanse itself and return to its rightful nest.  to the other heart that awaits it and complements it and makes it  whole.

true,  great love does not impose conditions. true, great  love accepts but most every time it gives.

true, great love can move away, yet it should return .. and even with more intensity and fondness ..

"dad,"  she asked me,"will you blog about this?"
 "of course," i replied,"i will."

looking at her worried eyes, i was tempted to tell her that this particular occasion will be a test of their love and she should welcome this; this will prove how strong their bond is. how constant their hearts are. yet, i did not tell her.

their hearts will instinctively know.

barcelona is in sunny spain. it has its lovely maidens and enticing staccato of castanets and romantic spanish guitars.  if this other heart will move there, it should return later after it completes its sojourn,

it should find that its true, sunny barcelona is right here, in the philippines, in this young woman's heart  ....


Christopher Dos Santos said...

Namaste sister, daughter of my dear brother Sito. When we look to define love within ourselves we must remember what love is, as well, what love is not.

Love does not seek recompense, it does not desire, nor does it run cold or hot. There are no boundaries for love; mountains are never too high, seas never too wide. Love does not suffer from separation; no distance can be so far that a whisper cannot be heard by one's lover. Love cannot be lost like a child in the woods, nor can it be found as a trinket upon ones breast.

Love is a singularity without condition. Love is a touch without feeling, a sound without tone, a discernible knowing of unity.

Love is never given, nor is it taken, it exists on it's own terms, aside from all base emotions.

Wherever we discover two has become one; we know we have found love. Whence we allow illusion to create many from the one; we have chosen to experience fear.

Dear sister, search to define love every moment of your life, you will discover two things.

1. Love is all there is.
2. Everything else is illusion.

In Lak, ech, dear sister, you are he... he is you... we are love... nothing is separate...

Bani Malhotra said...

wow..so very well put! the post..as well as christopher's definition! =)
thank you..

sito saguid said...

dear brother chris,

thank you for these words of wisdom. so very enlightening. reading your words made me thought i am actually reading lyrics of a song on love. even the great john lennon tried this in his song that goes "love is real, real is love .." i am pretty sure your advice will greatly help this young lady in my post. incidentally, she is not my physical daughter. she is a young office mate of mine. they fondly call me dad being the oldest member in our team. but, let me thank you for her, i am sure when she reads your wise words, her heart will be stronger.

sito saguid said...

dear bani,

thanks for the visit. and yes, brother chris' words so well augments the post. i am sure lots of people in love will find help reading these.

cheeza canlas said...
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sito saguid said...
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sito saguid said...

Oh my! Chee i am terribly sorry for removing your excellent comment on this post as well as my reply. I am actually experimenting on how to use an android phone to maintain this blog. I guess i punched wrong buttons huh!

I remember you quoting the Christian bible about love being kind and lenient and understanding and forgiving. And i remember replying that i am confident the girl in this post will find that great love meant for her..

as for me i do hope i can be soon get familiarized with how this android phone works with blogging ..