Saturday, May 19, 2012

that big, red, beautiful umbrella

ah, the cycles of life! 

in my part of the world, may, the fifth month, is considered the peak of summer. and yet, i'm wondering now whether indeed our world had changed, for rains had come early at the onset of this fifth month. well, although this is unexpected, this is a welcome respite from the scorching heat of the past months.   i am caught off-guard, though, by the early rains,  because i still have not completed my planned roof repairs. anyway, i shall have to schedule the repairs when the day is not wet.  procrastination, this is a lesson i have time and again failed to learn.  i've kept on putting off these repair activities and now i am scrambling for an opportune time to do these.

ah, the playfulness of life!

there was this instance when my daughter was going out to run an errand for her mom at the nearest mall.  while she was about to leave, i noticed that grey, rain-filled clouds had amassed overhead.  i immediately cautioned her about this.  she assured me she had noticed the clouds too and that she was prepared.  she showed me the beautiful, big, red umbrella she was carrying.  i smiled and motioned her to go ahead with her mission for her mom.  just a few minutes after she had closed the gates behind her, the heavy, angry raindrops started falling down.  pretty soon, i heard the gates being opened again. i peered out the window.  it was my daughter hurrying back.

"father," she called, "this umbrella's going to get me wet! why, it has lots of leaks.  can you hand me our black umbrella instead?"

i handed the black umbrella over to her.  she opened it up and let the hard rains drop and slide over its water-resistant spread.  satisfied that there were no leaks this time. she proceeded out the gate again.

while watching her walk away, i had this sudden thought in my head about life's playfulness with us.  i  have many times experienced this -- i have convinced myself that nothing will go wrong, that i have considered all and have covered all and even had chosen the best means available to insure the task at hand will turn out right, and congratulated myself in advance for doing great --

and then, it happens, like this big, red, beautiful umbrella, life shows me the loopholes, the leaks, in my plans, and gets me wet and brings redness in my face for my premature celebration. 

ah, the playfulness of life! but, we have to carry on ...


Bani Malhotra said...

=) love rains too! i'm gonna hunt for my big red umbrella over here! ;) blessed be with the rains!

sito saguid said...

haha, dear bani, be sure that big red umbrella of yours does not have holes. blessed be the rains, indeed! you know what, while i was writing this reply, rains came down hard again, and what do i see outside my window? lots of children carousing in the rain. they love it! i was almost tempted to take off my shirt and play with them. come to think of it, it's been a loooonng time since i last let the raindrops fall upon me ..

Bani Malhotra said...

ah true that!! seeing the rain and embracing the rain, both have their own share of infinite joy!!you shouldn't think much! i hope by now you would have let the rain run down your skin while I content myself watching you, still praying & hoping to embrace my beloved rain over here soon! =(

sito saguid said...

yes,bani, you are absolutely right. i don't need to think much. i need to go with the inner flow, with the promptings of my inner self. i shall be very happy to let the rains fall on me soon as i can. by the way, i've posted this link before in one of my earlier blogs. this is a song from that blind master guitarist jose feliciano --

Bani Malhotra said...

heard it for the first time... it's nice =)