Monday, May 07, 2012

the song from the birdcage

my day off again from work.  the wife noticed the piled up leaf droppings on our roof and cajoled me to gather them up and clean the roof and gutters.

 it is summer, but as we always experience it here, the fifth month is always tricky. next thing you know, from out of the summer heat, the rain clouds, without any warnings, will come, so gray looking, so heavy with rain, and soon one finds, raindrops falling, hard and mighty, like angry bursts of gunfire peppering one's rusty roof., as if trying to immediately obliterate the summer heat; like a berserk, frustrated painter, just pawing his canvas with unplanned colors being unable to find an image in his mind's eye and just decided to go ahead and paint just for the motions of it.

so i climbed the tree beside our house and went up to the roof. i braved the heat of the summer sun. armed with a broom and several large plastic bags i went about sweeping the roof and collecting the dropped leaves.  i said to myself this leaf gathering will ever continue so long as this mighty avocado tree stands here beside the house.  my brother and i had already planned on getting this tree cut down but it had grown so tall that the guys we hired to cut it down had only managed to trim it of branches and lopped off its top.  they reasoned their ropes and gear are not dependable enough to manage its weight if its great trunk is cut off. they required us to buy bigger rope sizes which up to now we have not done.

but this is not about the avocado tree. while i was cleaning, i heard this beautiful bird song. it was long and shrill and melodious. i stared around, looked up to the branches of the tree. i did not see any bird. the song went on and i listened attentively.until the song died down. i was tying up the plastic garbage bags filled with leaves i gathered when the twittering came up again. it is just a solo. no other bird sounds echoed it. i looked around again.

then i saw her. the bird. the warbler.  she was inside a birdcage. our neighbor had purchased a bird and he nailed her birdcage on the stump of the tree branch beside their veranda.  she was small and yellowish. i don't know what kind of bird she is but she twits so nicely.  she flits back and forth from the wires of her birdcage.  i know she can see the swaying branches and twigs and leaves of the tree just a few inches outside her cage but she will never be able to alight or play on them.

i thought, she might be singing of freedom.  a longing to be outside of her cage and be able to jump from branch to branch. to fly much longer or higher than the 30 or so inches of space that her cage now allows. but she wont be able to.

or perhaps, she might be singing an assurance to me not to worry that although she is caged she is happy and free inwardly. 

i know this is possible. i've read of accounts of persons who have been incarcerated and during the time of their confinement was able to confront themselves, to realize their true selves, to learn to go inside themselves and find their true worth, and was able to soar to higher consciousness despite the physical limitations. they found a different freedom.

the Masters and Sages always remind us of this -- that when we find that we are encaged birds, we must not despair.  that we must go deep within ourselves to find our true worth and be able to sing the true song of freedom --

the song of the Inner Man, the song of the Infinite, the Song Divine.


Christopher Dos Santos said...

Namaste brother, this is another beautiful tale. I could never have a bird or animal caged. Plain and simple, I refuse to accept any excuse for restricting the movements of any of my sisters or brothers.

I have had two birds in my life, both were wild, injured song birds. Whilst they were recovering in my home they always had an open window and free reign of the house. They did create a mess pooping everywhere and even ruined my last marijuana crop. However, when those little birds decided to sing, it was the most beautiful sound in the world.

In Lak' ech brother Sito, loving ALL our brothers and sisters...

sito saguid said...

it is indeed saddening that many forms of curtailing freedom exist in our world. there is one confinement that we all must try to escape from. you have expounded it so many times in your blogs. we must all try to become our True Self.