Thursday, September 22, 2011

a friend is one

you're asking me what is a friend?
have you forgotten what it means?
it's easy to know, easy to tell,
perhaps you should listen well
perhaps you should listen well.

a friend is one who makes you see
the opposite of things,
who pulls you up when you are down
and nursing broken wings,
and nursing broken wings;

a friend is one who knows you're not
always beautiful and good,
but ever tries to make you feel
always beautiful and good,
always beautiful and good.

a friend is one who cherishes
your body, mind, and soul,
in tears and laughter a friend is one
who'll always make you whole
who'll always make you whole.


Christopher Dos Santos said...

Namaste brother, beautiful post.

In Lak' ech, a friend indeed...

sito saguid said...

dear brother, the gratitude must go to you. this came to me when you commented on the post about my becoming thin. i appreciate much that reminder. my back is still aching but nothing can't be handled by a happy disposition ...

Christopher Dos Santos said...

Worry is a very tough nut to crack brother. It will dog you your entire life if you encourage it.

99% of all the worries we have never come to pass, they exist only to teach us that we are not body or ego. When we finally accept we are God, we release worry knowing it is merely illusion teaching truth by illustrating the lie of separation.

I am you Sito, I will never fail to stand by your side. It is not a happy disposition we seek, if it were I would bow to the wisdom of little children. We seek truth, wisdom, compassion and love. In essence, we search for a definition of our true self.

In Lak' ech, the love of a brother knows no bounds...

Sandie said...

Lovely post, Sito - and a good reminder here in Internet Land where the term 'friend' is used in blasé fashion.

Hope you are well and safe in your part of the world today and not caught up in those awful floods and storms.

sito saguid said...

thanks so much for the visit, sandie. i am well and safe in my corner of the universe. we had just had a storm and power was off for several days at our place. it is just now i was able to surf. it's good the storm did not leave much problems.