Tuesday, September 20, 2011

becoming thin

this might seem outrageous but i'll tell anyway.

i think i've found an effective way to become thin and people will be able to save lots of hard earned money.  nowadays, many are conned into enrolling in different weight-reducing programs.  after many months of valiant effort they regrettably realize that it was only the wallets that thinned not their bodies.

this was how i discovered my method:

"you're so thin now," the wife observed, "are you on a diet?"
"nope, did you see me eat less or take some special food?" i answered.
"no, you're eating as well as before. of course, it's still vegetarian, but you're still that voracious! but, why are you thin?" she had this concerned look in her face.

i looked at myself in the mirror when i was alone. i admit, i indeed might be looking thin or slim.  i think slim is the more socially accepted word or the fashionista word.  so i sat down and pondered, my chin propped up on my right hand the way a deep thinker does. i kept on turning the question over in my mind -- why are you thin?  in a short while, the answer popped in my mind.

worry. or, worrying.

this is what's caused my thinness. i always thought what i was doing was some thinking. now, i realized it's not thinking that i'm doing.  it is worrying. i worry a lot these days. about many things.  the leaky roof. the peeling paintwork of the house walls. the planned renovation of this humble abode.  expenses.  bills to pay.  even my daughter's ongoing work with her thesis prior to graduation from the university.  my neglect of my spiritual practices and endeavors. my planned meditations that had become unplanned. my guitar playing that got stuck on the amateur level. my unpublished poems.  and more recently, this ache in my back which the doctor said might be the onset of arthritis.  hah, getting old has its own disadvantages. oh, and so many other things.

so, here goes, here's my advice to people who'd want to be thin or slim without spending anything:

worry, and worry lots.  worry all the time if you can.  you're guaranteed to find in so short a time you've worried yourself thin.  when you're satisfied with your new size, stop worrying and resume the normal life mode.

hahaha...  outrageous?  absurd?  funny?  a joke, you say?  i'd say worth a try for those really dying to be thin.  or, slim.

or, you can just tell me -- leafdropper, stop worrying! your mind's giving you such crazy ideas now, your post  is just making me laugh.

now if this is the case, then good as well, for as they often say: laughter is the best medicine.

i'm actually trying hard now to laugh a lot these days.

might help with the painful back.


Christopher Dos Santos said...

Namaste brother Sito. Don't you dare make yourself into something you are not; I see a giant of a man. You have built a castle of love my friend, NO MAN SHOULD ASK FOR MORE!!! NO MAN COULD BE MORE!!!

Worry is for the man who cannot comprehend he is God, you are not this man. Speak with your master about this ego problem my brother, take back your divine title. Stand tall, walk with dignity for you are a king walking among paupers.

In Lak' ech brother, be GOD...

sito saguid said...

thanks brother chris for this strong reminder. i know the Infinite and my Master is always with me.. i will stand tall.. and yes, i have built a castle of love .. thanks again much for reminding.