Wednesday, June 01, 2011

questions to ask when you're alone

i am sad
because i sense your sadness;
i am joyful
because i  feel your joyfulness;
being so attached to you
i find these emotions.
if i detach myself from you
will i find them too?
if i detach myself from you,
if i dissociate,
what then will i find?
what will the heart communicate?
what ancient feelings will emerge?

if i detach myself from you,
if i dissociate, 
whom will i feel sorry for?
whom will i feel happy for?


Christopher Dos Santos said...

Very interesting post my brother. The special love we carry for others often feels overwhelming.

In Lak' ech,

sito saguid said...

brother, the very word is overwhelming. this love, this fondness that we feel for others is what makes us alive. i believe the very reason is that it is Divinity expressing Itself. finding Itself mirrored in others. communing ..