Saturday, June 25, 2011

the excite

i know this unrelenting rain is coming from the typhoon. as i rested on my mattress, i remembered the news flash.  falcon, that's the name they gave to the typhoon, will be bringing not much wind but much water. hence, these rains.

i could not sleep immediately. my eyes and my ears are focused. especially my ears. i can hear the pounding of the rains outside. on the leaves of our avocado tree, on the roof of the house. waters pouring. building up on the old, rusty roof gutters. i silently chided myself for not climbing up to the roof during the sunny days to rid the gutters of the fallen leaves that had accumulated.  soon enough, i heard the water spilling over the roof troughs. it wont flow to drop down via the downspout. the gutters are clogged with leaves. oh, i promised myself, just give me one, just one, sunny day, and i'll climb up the roof immediately and take care of those leaves.

i listened as the rains intensified. i'm expecting something to happen pretty soon. and it did. my ears immediately picked up the familiar sound. water! dripping. dropping. dripping. dropping.

from my old ceiling. i hurriedly got up and looked for the sources of the sound. i always thought i had fixed my leaky old roof. during one fine sunny day, an off day from work, i spiritedly  traced the holes in my roofing and plastered them up. i even made some forecasts. i tried to guess as much as i can where future holes might be and plastered these locations as well.

i carefully placed catch pails below the spots where the waters dripped or dropped or dripped or dropped.

i guess i'd be looking forward to another fine sunny day. to fix the holes again. i'd have to guess well though.

i lied down on my mattress again. i can sleep now. i'd like to dream of getting the entire roof overhauled. replace all the old, rusty corrugated g.i. sheets, all the old, rusty roof gutters, cut off some branches of the avocado tree where the leaves drop off.

this is what makes life exciting. this is what makes life precious. the challenges, no matter how small they might be. as i closed my eyes to catch sleep, i silently sung a line from one of the songs i was blessed enough to write --

life is something we must learn,
life is something we must earn.

i focused my ears to the rhythmic drip, drop, drip, drop of the waters being caught by my catch pails, and then,



Christopher Dos Santos said...

Namaste my brother Sito. I am not sure how to express my feelings about this post. (unusual for my mind to be stumped for verbiage)

To many, this may appear as a simple short story about a man and his leaky roof.

To me; knowing you as I do, it is a post that bring tears to my eyes. Dearest brother; judgment is a burden borne upon the illusion of ego. Freedom occurs when a man understands acceptance in the now. The "isness", neigh the perfection of all moments can rarely be appreciated when ego speaks.

You speak so often of your teachers my brother. Teachers do not teach Sito, teachers position you to remember what you already know. Teachers; like you, lead their life as paragons of love and acceptance.

Often you have been my teacher Sito. Often my heart follows your music, as it does now.

In Lak' ech, wise brother, with peace and acceptance in your heart go well and prosper in love...

sito saguid said...

brother christopher,

you made me smile. and you said it well. i narrated this to show surrender, to show acceptance of the now. i love how you described it -- "perfection of moments."

you, are also one of Them. my Teacher. i've learned so much in these short times, in these borrowed times i spend reading your writing. understanding your message. i really can't recall now how i came across your blog. i consider having done so a great gift from the Infinite.

your constant message of unconditional love has helped me much and repositioned my thinking. this has helped me in understanding acceptance.

allow me to quote you again on this comment. there is so much wisdom in this line -- "Freedom occurs when a man understands acceptance in the now."

thanks brother.