Thursday, March 24, 2011

"searching for bobby fischer & good will hunting"

i was finally able to get hold of copies of these two old films, not very old, of course, but films like these, it's so hard to get copies.

i was so engrossed. these were excellent movies. well written. well acted, or should i say the actors were well chosen for their parts. i'm not a film buff, i just go by my feelings.

for me, these two films run along the same basic theme -- the struggle to find and to express one's true worth.

in "searching for bobby fischer", the lead character is a chess prodigy. he found his passion for chess upon seeing some men playing in a park. when his dad found out his gift, he decided to put him under the tutelage of a chess teacher whose rigid teaching rules somehow boxed in his free spirit for chess. he  lost the passion. later, his dad realized the mistake and allowed him again to visit his friends at the park. he regained the passion and once more found his self worth and his joy of playing chess.

in "good will hunting", the young man, will, is boxed in as well, by his dark past. he had an unhappy childhood. he is also a genius like the lead in the first film above. yet, he is not expressing his true worth. it was only when he was patiently guided by his mentor, a psychiatrist, that he was able to rise above the demons of his dark past, and found his true self worth. he also found his joy.

we are at the moment like these two people. for as long as we keep on embracing the code for happiness of the sensual world, the code of happiness that is being defined for us by our body, then we will not be able to find our true self worth. and we will not find true joy and peace. for as long as we forget, or deny, that we are not bodies alone, then we will continue to be boxed in, and our inner "child prodigies" and inner "geniuses" will never be able to manifest fully and find expression.

we must remember. we must not deny. we are all divine. our true self worth is divinity. we must not confine our code of happiness to be defined by the five senses and the body. the products of the material world will bring joy and happiness but these will not be lasting.

our true worth is Divinity. we must start to think inward. towards the recognition of the true self.

our true code for lasting happiness must be defined by our true selves. our Self Divine.

sonnet to a lost child

you raised your head and  looked around to see
faces different from the ones you've known
all fixedly at you staring with glee --
a stranger in their midst whose heart has flown;
different are the melodies they sing
all the more stressing you're now too far
from the Path you've promised to keep on treading
till you embrace its lone Unflick'ring Star;
now, you're won'dring how you have yourself found,
in this strange land, just fooling around
with men who keep on asking you your name
just to prolong their Name-Forgetting game.
someday, you'll learn just why you've wandered far,
how bright-lit nights could hide a Blazing Star.

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