Thursday, March 10, 2011

do not be angry with yourself

the old Sages and Masters have always advised us -- the ideal for us men is to lead a purposeful life, one that renders service to one's fellowmen. one must always aspire to recognize one's divinity, and upon remembering this, help others remember too. this is the key to happiness.

of course, this is easier said than done. especially if one finds he is being beset by troubles and difficulties. yet, if one ponders it hard enough, one will find these difficulties are mostly associated only with our pursuit of, as that great Master, Sant Kirpal Singh,  had referred to, the "glamour of the outer life, the life of the senses". when we find that life's circumstances prevent us from enjoying and amassing the fruits of the outer life, we feel dejected. we consider ourselves failures and we become angry with ourselves. this anger then prevents us more from remembering our true worth, from remembering our divinity. and more unhappiness kicks in.

therefore, let us find time to remember. of the 24 hours of each day, let us set aside time for remembrance -- that we are divine. let us recognize our true worth. it is not living the life of the senses that will bring us lasting happiness.

let us not be angry with ourselves for failing to enjoy the "glamour of the outer life".

let us begin little by little to try living the inner life. the true, purposeful life. the life divine that will not only benefit us but also benefit our fellows.

why loathe now?
when everything is bleak,
your singing coarse,
your body weak,
your mind so restless,
your peace unloosed.

think hard, think deep,
think not of how to weep.

instead, remember things about:
how flowers fade and wither
and bloom again;
how candles burn bright, flicker,
and then burn bright again;
how the sun sets at evening
and then surprises the morning rain,
the droplets panic, they stop,
and yet, they fall again!

why loathe now?

you are the flower,
the candle,
the sun,
the rain,

you'd be Yourself again. 

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Costin Comba said...

...You are your only hope
... You are your only dream

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