Sunday, February 27, 2011

without fanfare

just this saturday i was able to meet a friend after about two years of not seeing each other. it was i who lost contact. yet, as always the case, he found me. he always connects with me especially in my difficult periods.

come, he texted me on my mobile phone, you are deep into the dark night. let me help you.

it was i who lost contact for 2 years. he is a brother to me. and he has always been a spiritual mentor. we have met in high school and together with some kindred souls sought the path of mysticism. he is our driving force. encouraging us to keep on, always reminding us never to waver from this path of Self-knowledge. and he is my living proof of how humility, patience, perseverance, and dedication on this path will bear fruit. he is a spiritual giant. he is to me the epitome of service and love for humanity. not just on the physical or the material plane but more so on the spiritual plane. he had patiently guided a lot of us in the work of Self-realization. it is through him that i was able to meet my Master, my spiritual guide.

Service. this is his keyword. service to others. to  humanity. he always says, The fruits of Self-knowledge must impact others. without service to one's fellowmen, Self-realization is useless.

however much one had known Life, Light, and Love, one must share the knowledge so that others may also be led to this ultimate work of evolving the consciousness. we are all Divine. others must be guided towards this remembrance of true self-hood.

my friend, i will not name him. last saturday, again, he had helped me. again, he has my gratitude.

he will be like the sunlight, the moonbeam, the rain, the air i breathe, the blood coursing through my veins. working silently. without fanfare. not expecting anything in return.

just serving others. in the name of Light, Love, Life, the Infinite, the Divine.

last saturday,  i heard him speak to a group of people he is helping on the spiritual path. his eyes were bright. his words powerful and true. his whole being is radiating love and joy and peace. and i remembered him quoting what my Master had always quoted before when we are being reminded of service to others --

love thy Father God with all thy soul, with all thy heart, with all thy mind, and love thy neighbor as thyself.

before i left he looked me over and he smiled. i shook my friend's hand in silent thanks. i left with peace again in my heart.

once in our lifetime we will meet people like him. a true friend. one that never forgets.
we must treasure this friendship. and, we must recompense love with love. we must do to others what was done to us.

we must in our own little way render service too, to others,

especially in the divine work of Self-realization.


Mahon said...

A high quality of the human being is the support !
I'm glad you found comfort near your friend, a good text !! :))


Costin Comba said...

We are humanbeing. We have to help our friends. He is a great person. You must be proud that you are haveing such a good friend.

sito saguid said...

friends mahon and costin,

indeed having s friend like him is a great blessing. helping others without any thought of reward or gain. just pure friendship and love. that's why in my own little way, i try to emulate him. follow his example. i know both of you have also friends like him. persons who work for the greater good of others. persons whose names need not be known because they seek not rewards or fame. they just work in silence, but humanity is benefited by their unselfish service.