Friday, February 11, 2011

thinking love, finding love

february, they say is the love month. specifically, february 14, which is designated as valentine's day. it was named after an early christian martyr, saint valentine. this is celebrated annually and was set to commemorate love and affection among lovers. a day when lovers express their love for each other through gifts, special cards, letters. it is a day associated with romantic love.

i don't know if other countries celebrate february 14 if not, perhaps, according to their tradition,  they might have designated a different date for this. well, anyway, the thing is there is this special day when love is supposed to be the paramount thought in everyone's mind. but of course there will be always two sides to a coin --

for those who have loved, and won, this special day is a happy occasion;
for those who have loved, and lost, this special day is a  sad affair.

this special day is always a remembrance. of magical moments of love. when one was afforded the opportunity to share one's body, mind, and spirit, with another individual. intimately. to have been able to create a bond, albeit, at  times, just momentarily. to have been able to be recognized as a very special person, a unique individual. and also to be able to exercise that same recognition towards another.

for some, these precious moments might have lasted for just a short period of time;
for others, these moments could stlll be enduring till now, being refreshed day after day after day.

one cannot deny it, love is a powerful force. it inspires, it consumes, it cripples, it soars, it collapses. it makes one become a genius, it makes another demented.

 love is a smile.
 love is a tear.
 love is a gift.

love between individuals is what they make of it. it is something like a seed that is planted between two persons. the seed takes root, a fragile plant sprouts up, and it is now left to these two people whether the plant will grow or will die.

as for me, i was blessed enough to have met an individual whom to share this kind of love with. and l want to thank my Master for giving me this blessing. we have been through a lot like most lovers do.and i can say our love plant has been nurtured well. this february 14, she is far from me physically but she is of course here with me in my remembrances. i know, i am not different with other persons who have experienced this kind of love. we will be remembering magic moments.

in fact, on this special day, i have already planned what i'll be doing. i'll bring out my guitar and in my croaky voice sing the song i was blessed enough to compose for her --

don't anybody stop the rain 
from falling down margarita's hair
let the gentle raindrops fall
and settle down her head so fair;
let their pureness wash her
let their coldness touch her
but don't anybody stop the rain
from falling down margarita's hair;

let her know how you love her,
let her know how much you miss her,
and tell her how just like the rain
you'd love to be on margarita's hair
yes, tell her how just like the rain
you'd love to kiss
margarita's hair.

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