Saturday, March 21, 2015

just one more for the bird

it was probably my final year in high school or my first year in college when i read Jonathan Seagull's story and immediately i fell in love with it.  my friend and mentor, jose, reminded me to read between the lines and i found new meanings, new insights, from the story as related to my own life and how i would like to live it.

early during my high school days, i was fortunate enough to be among people who believed there is more to Life than growing up, finishing school, getting a job, acquiring fame or fortune or both, raising a family, and dying.

Real Life needs to be learned.  Real Life needs to be earned.

one can attain Higher Consciousness.  one can soar above body consciousness.  there are methods and practices and these have been proven true and effective by the Masters and Sages.  rising above body awareness will allow one the gift of knowing the True Self, one's True Identity, and gives one complete knowledge and certainty as to one's relation to the scheme of Creation.  knowing who one truly is affords one to learn how to be totally happy.

i remembered being inspired to write this sonnet after reading Jonathan the first time --

Sonnet for a Bird

To seek to fly and ride the highest cloud
is ever a bird's undying concern,
for one who's been especially endowed
with wings, the heavens is the only goal to earn;
to sail aloft the wind's playful currents
And then, at times, to fall headlong with fright,
seeing the sky has too its wild serpents
that try its wings and tuck away the Light;
then, as the sunbeams pierce the serpents' hearts
the Bird triumphantly spreads its wings,
plumage gay as the rainbow shines, and starts
anew to where the blue cloud ever clings--
wings flapping rouse Heart to the Silent Sound
whisp'ring, " Cheer up! You, too, are Heavenbound! "


~bani said...

Brilliant! Seagull has this tendency to inspire i guess. i too wrote poems and included freebird in art myself. It is time to revisit them again...
Thank You!

sito saguid said...

Dear ~bani

the book is inspiring and it is the Freebird within us all
who is being touched. I think i understand now why you are incorporating Freebird in your art.
Thanks for the visit.