Tuesday, February 17, 2015

the 2nd month's sacrifice

look at her, how she struggles hard to lift her head, to stay upright. and yet, her strength is waning.  not even the cool water could rouse her up.  she knows the Law will come to pass.  several days from now  she will have fully wilted.

she had been Love's sacrifice.

she remembers that day, the 14th of the 2nd month.   she heard it is a special day for lovers.
she had not fully bloomed but somehow someone found her and clipped her stalk.  A red, silk ribbon was tied to her and together with a box of chocolates a young man's hand gifted her to a giggling young lady.

the young lady gently caressed her smooth, white petals, still in the process of unfolding.  she touched her petals to her nose and inhaled deeply allowing her delicate scent to seep into her being. she heard a soft "Hmmmmm" pass between her slightly parted lips.  she does not know whether young lady did this in genuine appreciation of her but she did hold her carefully between the thumb and forefinger throughout the day occasionally passing her close to her nose to be reminded of her fragrance.

the 14th of the 2nd month, that was indeed a grueling day!

the young man, on the other hand, had been sweet-talking her lady love.  she heard him heaping praises on the young lady's beauty, so fragile, so innocent, so pure as her white petals. she heard him promise his undying love, his unwavering allegiance.  he even mentioned her as the symbol of, the witness to, his love's sincerity.

then, suddenly, the day is done.  the young lovers have left.

now, look at her, White Rose, plucked from the garden. she could never return.  she knows.

she only hopes she will indeed be a symbol of, a witness of, True Love, Sincere Love,

and that this Love will never fade nor wilt,

although she will.


~bani said...

Portrait of a Rose! Beautiful! =)

Christopher Dos Santos said...

Namaste brother Sito; a fine delivery rendering unto us all moments of love, adoration and joy.

Peace be unto you brother, thank you for sharing these thoughts.

In Lak' ech, prosper with truth.... live with love....

sito saguid said...

Dear Bani

She is beautiful! Two days after the photo was taken she started shedding her delicate petals and so quietly slid away... I am glad her beauty got captured this way .

sito saguid said...


The image and the accompanying text complement each other. I am delighted this post brought love, adoration, joy..

Even for just moments. Again I remembered john Lennon -- "all we need is Love, Love is all we need"