Wednesday, November 02, 2011

"why are you giving away that jacket?"

"why are you giving away that jacket?" the wife asked.

"well, it's because it's just there lying sadly in the closet, unused.  i found someone who has better use for it." i answered.

she understood.

a jacket becomes a jacket only if it's worn and serves it's purpose of giving warmth and bodily protection.  come to think of it, a thing becomes the real thing only when it is able to express its utility. 

so i gave it to a friend.  he was elated.

"this is real nice of you," he said approvingly while fitting the jacket, "i surely need this.  i'm driving a motorbike and this will protect me.  its bright colors will help other motorists see me better especially at night.  during rainy days, its water repellant material will prevent me from getting wet."  he gave me a huge thank you smile.

i realized this is also the very reason why i write.

sometimes i have this song in my heart, this poem in my gut, this story in my head.  i feel i have to write them down and send them over vast distances of internet space.  i am hoping that somewhere, somehow, these things i write will connect with someone.  and this someone will find some sort of comfort or solace or possibly a germ of an inspiration and enable him or her to live better in his or her part of the universe even just for a short while.  even for just that reading moment.

we should never hesitate to give away a spare jacket. 


we should never hesitate to write down thoughts in our head.  we should never hesitate to express what we feel be it in a poem, in a song, in a painting, in a photograph, in a dance, or in any other medium of communication. 

we should never hesitate to try

to communicate.


Bani Malhotra said...

hmmm.. yes, communication is very important i guess so is expression! just that it's sad that some people over emphasize oral-verbal communication and conveniently ignore the others! =/

sito saguid said...

you are exactly right, bani! and i'd like to thank you much for not hesitating to express yourself, to communicate to us. thanks for sharing with us what your inner eyes see.