Monday, October 03, 2011

in the face of death again

a friend had recently died. the wife and i visited him where the family was holding his wake. he's still young, in his early fifties, left behind his wife and three beautiful daughters. it turned out it was already the last night for the wake and his family and dearest, closest friends, recalled their fond memories of him. he had touched many lives and was able to enrich these lives with his presence.

i was silent during these recollections. death brings sadness, yes, but it also compels us to reevaluate relationships and yes, it compels us to see the true worth of our dear departed.  the question in my mind, though, was this -- why is it that it is only when somebody is no longer physically with us that we discover the person's true value?  most times, while the person is still around with us, we very rarely commend him or her for the service or for the camaraderie that he or she affords us. i am really rethinking this. i must in my own little way not forget, not waste time, to show my appreciation for friendship, for companionship, while the person is still physically with me.

i will not wait for death to remind me of a person's worth.

i remembered this poem i was able to write when another dear friend died many moons ago.  i had the same thought as i am having now.

why did i not write a poem for this dear friend while he was alive? why did i wait for death?

this poem may well be for all of our loved ones who have left us ...

november 1, 1982

the lights are brightly lit now
and they are all for you
over your head and by your feet
they glow, they glow, oh, how they glow!
and yet, you'll never know now
yes, you'll never know
that they have not their usual warmth
they are as cold as you,
who lies unfeeling, unmoving,
unmindful of the teary eyes staring,
hoping, praying, faintly hoping
that you would smile anew;
ah, but the flowers confirm it,
their mournful scents deny it not,
your Life's song's final note has come to pass,
and yet it is assured you'll linger on in us,
like the ever verdant, persevering grass....


Christopher Dos Santos said...

Namaste brother, oh take me with you my departed brother so that I may see the beauty which awaits your arrival to the kingdom of truth. I would take this truth and share it with all who live, so that they too, would see there never came a time for us to part.

In Lak' ech brother Sito, love and light....

sito saguid said...

yes, brother, the Masters always remind us that death is not an end. it is a door that allows our true Self to soar and take flight towards Truth and Freedom.