Sunday, July 31, 2011

remembering father

last july 27th was my father's third death anniversary.  we visited the cemetery park where he and mom were laid to rest. 

the day was beautiful .

the sun was up but it was not hot. the skies were clear. wisps of cottony clouds gently sail above.  the wind just whispers. we were but a handful of families there during that day.  the park was generally quiet. the trees that adorn the park were tall and leafy and strong. the grasses were green.  there were some patches of black and brown where the fires of the lighted candles burned but they will be confidently carpeted over by green grass in due time.

the birds were of course in concert. twittering from a far distance, perhaps hidden amongst the leaves.

we laid down the flowers we've brought and said prayers for the souls of our dead. the epitaph in the tombstone read " may you always be in the Lord's Divine Keeping ".  i remember it was dad who chose this for mom. we can sense his sadness after mom died. he loved her so much. he loved us all so much.

this is how i remember him. a selfless person. the family first before his personal needs. i have not done much to make his life easy but he did not complain. his eyes always showed the light of understanding.

as i watched the candles glowing with their yellow light, i heard this poem in my inner ear --

bring me some flowers
those that are vibrant and fresh
that have not kissed graves.

when we remember someone who had died we don't recognize his life getting ended. we don't put a period to his existence. when i remember father, i let him live again.


Christopher Dos Santos said...

Namaste brother Sito, generations of love echoing across time.

In Lak' ech, the gift of love...

sito saguid said...

yes brother chris,

love is remembering especially those who have touched our lives and no longer with us physically. and yes, love does not have boundaries.

thanks for the visit.